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70-yr-old doctor dies due to covid in Telangana

A doctor at the Government Fever Hospital in Hyderabad talks to a woman at the coronovirus help desk.

Covid-19, a doctor in Hyderabad, died on Monday – the first death of a medical practitioner in Telangana, where cases have increased drastically since June 1.

Also on Monday, the city’s Malakpet Area Hospital, where nine of the 15 employees who tested positive, were laid off by the authorities.

As of 9 pm on Monday, 872 new cases were reported as more than 700 to 3,000 trials were conducted daily in the state. There were also seven deaths.

While 713 cases were reported under Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), 107 cases were reported from Ranga Reddy district. The rest were found in 11 other districts. Of these, cases were reported for the first time so far from Jango district (34 cases) and Yadari district (one case).

According to officials, randomized testing indicates that the infection has spread to 29 of the state’s 33 districts.

This is so in telangana 57,054 tests conducted so far. In response to a petition for enhanced examination on 15 June, the state government assured high Court This will happen Do 50,000 tests In and around Hyderabad in 10 days however, it has not conducted tests per day beyond 3,500 trials.

But the government expanded the test to all 33 districts of the state. “After 1 June, after the lockdown was lifted, the number of cases has increased drastically. Since June 1, nearly 5,000 cases have been reported. ” Director of Public Health G. Srinivasa Rao told The Indian Express.

As of May 31, there were 2,792 cases in Telangana, while the death toll was 88. By 21 June, cases had risen to 7,802 and the death toll had more than doubled to 210. Authorities accounted for the increase in cases and deaths occurred in the inter-state. Inter-State Migration.

Another concern for the authorities is the sowing season. Farmers are likely to gather in large numbers at stores at this time to buy seeds and fertilizers, which officials say could add to the number.

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