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The Andhra government stated that the private hospitals would be notified by the district collectors concerned, as to which category the government has classified them and would remain so until it was reviewed and amended based on the evolving circumstances.

The Commissioner of Health and Family Welfare has set up a web portal which will enable district collectors to monitor the number of beds available in all government and private hospitals of A and B category, allocation of beds, their utilization, deployment of human resources.

How will the bed be allocated?

Data on availability of beds in category B is available with district collectors, B hospitals with a capacity of more than 70 beds in category B hospitals will have to mark a floor or a block or ward to treat Covid-19 cases. And the district has to be informed. Collector regarding number of beds available.

How will the government ensure treatment to all of them?

The government has also fixed rates for treatment in all hospitals so that patients are not overcharged. While the beneficiaries under the Arogyasi scheme can avail free treatment, which the government will reimburse the hospitals, those hospitals which are not uniformed under the Arogyasri scheme can charge patients according to the rates fixed by the government Huh. The non-serious Covid-19 treatment has been fixed at Rs 3,250 per day; Rs 5,480 per day for ICU bed without ventilator and without NIV; Rs 5,980 per day for ICU with NIV; Rs 9,580 per ICU bed with ventilator.

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