A film called Corona? Rush to book C-word

Kolkata: What’s in a name? Much indeed if it refers to a once-in-a-century crisis that has brought the world to its knees.

Even though India is grappling with an increasing number of Covid-19 cases, production houses across the country have made a start to register the title related to the epidemic. In Tollywood, a production house has applied for the title ‘Corona Virus and Covid-19’. And, the Eastern India Motion Pictures Association (EIMPA) has reopened its doors, expected to be allowed at any time after the investigation.
The application came from actor Jeet’s production house. Since our office was closed due to the lockdown, it has taken time to proceed with the title registration process, ”said PIM Sengupta, President, EIMPA. With words like ‘lockdown’, like mask ‘, quarantine’, ‘2020’ and the sanitization ‘in the new common vocabulary, Sengupta expects such title applications in the future.

Eros International has already recorded the title ‘Corona Pyar Hai’ in Bollywood, which gave a twist to Hrithik Roshan’s 2000 hit film Kaho Naa … Pyaar Hai.

One of the directors of Jeetz Filmworks Pvt Ltd, Gopal Madnani said that this is the first time the production house has stepped up to win the title after the disaster. “When the epidemic spread, we had a discussion in the office regarding filing the title. If we haven’t already registered the title, we can’t use this title. That’s why we applied on March 17. It was done before the lockout, “Madnani said.
Incidentally, the first international feature film on Covid-19 has already been made. Titled By Corona ‘, the film is directed by Canadian filmmaker Mustafa Keshari and examines xenophobia and racism. The film finishes in mid-February before going into lockdown in most countries, taking a look at what happens when a group finds themselves locked in an elevator with a Chinese woman.

The scripting of the Bengali film is yet to begin. “Corona has influenced the lives of each one of us. Therefore, various types of scripts can be written, keeping it as a central theme. It can be either a love story or related to a crisis. We are yet to take a final decision on the genre of the film.

For title registration, a production house has to pay a fee of Rs 1,770, including GST. Typically, it takes 15 to 20 days to register a title. Once applied, the matter is discussed in the EIMPA Finance Administration Committee and then goes to the Executive Committee. The title is published in the Bulletin of the EIMPA.

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