Amartya to VBU: Withdraw false claim over varsity land

Nobel laureate Amartya Sen on Monday requested the Visva-Bharati University (VBU) administration to withdraw its “false allegation” that he was illegally occupying a plot of land belonging to the college.

In a letter to VBU Vice-Chancellor Bidyut Chakraborty, Sen wrote, “You have heard from my lawyer…asking you to withdraw immediately your false allegation made to the news agencies that a plot of land owned by Visva-Bharati is unlawfully occupied by me. While you have not been able to provide any justification for this astonishing allegation, you now say that you are requesting the West Bengal government to measure the area of our homestead, Pratichi, to compare with the long-term lease of land taken by my father in 1940 from Visva-Bharati. Your officiating Registrar, Mr Mahato, has threatened that ‘if there is any additional land occupied by him [Sen], legal action will be taken’.”

Sen’s letter got here days after the central college requested the West Bengal authorities to measure the plot owned by the economist to resolve the dispute.

In a press release, the college stated, “We demand the surveyor of the land and land reforms department of the government of West Bengal measure the plot and this should be done as soon as possible to permanently resolve the dispute.”

Last month, the VBU administration had written to the West Bengal authorities, alleging that dozens of its plots had been incorrectly recorded and the checklist of unauthorised occupants contains Sen.

According to the Visva-Bharati property office, it lately ready a listing of unlawful occupants that features the identify of Sen as his home.


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