Air India rolls out compensation package for kin of staffers who die of Covid-19 | Mumbai News

National carrier Air India on Monday announced a compensation package ranging from umb 90,000 to Monday 10 lakh, handing over the family or legal heirs of its employees to Covid-19. While the families of a permanent employee will get permanent 10 lakhs, the airline will pay k5 lakhs to the family of employees employed directly by Air India. Family of casual employees working for the airline for one year. 90,000.

The airline, however, clarified that ad hoc payment is in force from April to March 31, 2021 this year, and any contractor or service provider will be paid an amount equal to the gross emissions of two months’ salary to employees hired. Prepared by him, provided he worked for a minimum continuous period of one year.

An internal letter (accessed by HT) to the executive directors of all four regions (East, West, North and South) is read by the airline’s Department of Industrial Relations, “In view of the prevailing Covid-19 outbreak, many employees are testing positive And some died due to this epidemic. To protect the interests of the families, it was decided to make an ad-hoc payment to the family / legal heirs of the employees who died Covid-19. ”

Airline officials declined to comment on the development when contacted by HT.

According to airline sources, 16 employees of Air India were killed, while over 200 employees, including 55 pilots, tested positive for Covid-19.

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