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BJP corporator’s insistence to collect swabs on road irks docs

PMC Medical Team Ghorpade PethA hotspot, has complained that Ajay Khedekar made them to take samples from the local residents in the open, which is more likely to spread the virus in the area. Politico denied the charge

While increasing Coronavirus cases Leaving the local civil administration struggling to deal with aspects such as trial and investigation, it appears that political people are not always making things easier for the authorities. In fact, last weekend, in an incident between a hotspot zone in the city center, doctors and other medical technicians involved in the swab collection of residents complained that a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) The corporator did this work on a public road free of open defecation. This, he said, may be due to contagion already spreading in a vulnerable place.

According to this medical team, the elected representative of Ghorpade Peth interfered with his work in the Bhawani Peth ward office area and put people in a queue on the road to collect the swab.

In the past few weeks, Ghorpade Peth has seen an increase in COVID-19 cases. As a result, doctors and other medical staff working at Bhavani Peth are now focusing on testing in the area. While working here, the teams have also received help from local corporator Ajay Khedekar to reach out to the public and ask them to undergo screening and submit swab for testing.

However, the same doctors and laboratory technicians have now complained Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) officials claimed that while mobilizing local people for swab collection, Khedekar insisted that the authorities defecate in the open this Saturday instead of traveling to the concerned collection center. According to medical experts, swab collection in public poses a risk of spreading the virus.

One of the PMC doctors explained, “Swabs are collected from a person’s nose or throat. In both of these procedures, the swab stick is inserted deep enough into the nasal or oral cavity, which can make a person sneeze or cough. At such times, the drops are bound to fall. If they contain coronovirus, it can also be transmitted to another person. Therefore, according to the process, the swas are collected in a confined area, where the transmission of the virus is less likely. There is a huge possibility of contamination in the open outside. The request of corporator to collect swab on the road in Ghorpade Peth is completely wrong. He should have gone to the swab collection center for security to the residents. ”

Members of the medical team said that Khedekar arranged for the person giving the swab to place a chair under a tree, while others could stand behind the chair in a row. A team member from the Bhavani peth center said, “Some of us were against it, but the corporator insisted that we only proceed to the same place.” Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kit, civilians coming to give samples are exposed to the virus. There are people testing positive for COVID-19 in that area – meaning that some people coming for swab testing are already carrying the virus. If they sneeze or cough while sampling, they will spread the virus to the area. This practice of open swab collection should be stopped immediately. ”

When contacted about this, Khedekar said, “Since there were too many cases in that area in one day, we asked the mobile clinic to visit the area for swab collection. I only asked people to stand in a queue on the street and gave them a demo of how the swab is collected. Otherwise, samples were collected in a small hall next to the street. ”

When Mirror contacted PMC Commissioner Shekhar Gaikwad about the complaint by the medical authorities, he said, “I will talk to the doctors in that area and get more information about the issue.” I will take necessary action after getting complete information. ”

I only asked people to stand in a queue on the street and gave them a demo of how the swab is collected. Otherwise, samples were collected in a small hall next to the street

– Ajay Khedekar, BJP councilor from Ghorpade Peth

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