Malls ready with safety measures in place to welcome back customers in Pune | Pune News

Friday: Malls in the city say they are all ready with the standard >Covid-19 Safety Precautions> As they prepare to throw their doors open after more than four months.

All malls have a detailed standard operating procedure, including crowd management, sanitization mats for disinfecting footwear, and a real-time customer density count for not allowing visitors under home quarantine, among others Standard operating procedure.

Escalators have been marked to ensure social distinction, while signs have been placed inside the washroom to avoid congestion. In some malls, elevators have been equipped with a system to operate using the legs. Employees in personal protective equipment kits will be cleaning the premises on a daily basis.

Surjit Singh Rajpurohit, chief operating officer of Amnora Mall in Hadapsar, told TOI that they were eager to restart the business, although the situation was not ideal. “The malls which are opening after more than four months are definitely a good start for us. However, the ban on cinema halls, food courts / restaurants is still not good for business. Rajpurohit said that due to many people going to the mall, the entire package – multiplex, food court and shopping are there.

“He said, people will definitely go to the mall for their extensive shopping center and additional experience. All the security measures have been put in place at our facility. In fact, not a single case has been reported yet in which sources of infection from a mall Has been identified which was reopened during the unlock phase, ”he claimed.

Center director of Phoenix Marketcity, Arun Arora, said that they have decided to work during a limited window at the moment. “The timing of the mall has been initially set from 11 am to 7 pm [the official guidelines which allow malls to operate between 9am and 7pm], “Arora said,” Among other security measures, each store in the mall will have its own limit on how many customers will be allowed inside at once. The range will be displayed at the entrance of the store, along with security measures that will follow the store. This system of limited customers / people will also apply in the washroom. “Arora said.

He said that the mall has upgraded its cameras with artificial intelligence software to help them better monitor the crowd on campus. “This will help in real time monitoring of the customers in the mall,” Arora said. “This number or count will also be displayed at all entry points, so that customers will also know the number of people in the mall when they enter,” he said.

Malls around the country closed in the first phase of the nationwide lockout in late March.

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