Pune: Lockdown announcement makes residents queue up outside shops

Soon after the announcement of a 10-day strict lockout by the Pune district administration from 14 July, the city witnessed panic in stores, recommending an investigation into the spread of coronovirus disease (Covid-19) due to violations of social maladies.

The district administration has said that milk supply and drug stores will remain unaffected during the ten days. However, it did not provide confirmation on services that would be affected for the duration.

Residents queued up at grocery stores to get the necessary supplies for the coming days. “I have to keep groceries to meet the needs for the next few days,” said Suresh Jadhav, who arrived in Hingen Khurd to buy groceries. “Although the lockout has been announced for ten days, given the situation, no one is aware of how long it can be extended.”

Even for three days to go before the lockdown begins, people fear the stock will run out due to panic. Kiran Joshi, a shopkeeper from Kothrud, said, “I was not aware of the 10-day closure in the city from next week until a customer went to buy groceries.” “Citizens are buying more because they have had bad experiences with previous lockdowns.”

People also arrived at vegetable shops to stock up on supplies with longer shelf lives. Most vegetable shops do not get fresh supplies as the market closes on Saturday, and many fear a shortage of storage of agricultural products such as onions and potatoes.

Many also queued at liquor shops to buy liquor for the next 15 days. The situation was similar across the city, as people faced problems in the past of alcohol unavailability.

The shops have also seized this opportunity so that people can make good purchases from their shops. Some used the bulk messages feature to reach regular customers to make purchases before the lockdown, which is scheduled to begin Tuesday.

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