Kangana Claims Liberals Got Twitter CEO To Restrict Her Account & We Are Like ‘Ab Buss Karo Please’

Actor Kangana Ranaut all the time manages to turn into part of some controversy. She not too long ago claimed that her Twitter account was restricted after she made some controversial remarks in regards to the Tandav creators.

Kangana Ranaut had stated in her tweet which is now-deleted that it was time to take their heads off for insulting the Hindu gods within the sequence.

Earlier at this time, she stated that the liberal neighborhood had reported her account to Twitter and bought it restricted for her to make use of by Jack Dorsey. Jack Dorsey is Twitter’s co-founder and CEO. She wrote in her tweet, “Librus cried to their chacha @jack and got my account temporarily restricted, they are threatening me mera account/virtual identity kabhi bhi desh keliye shaheed ho sakti hai (My account and my virtual identity might get martyred for the country anytime), magar my reloaded desh bhakt version will reappear through my movies. Tumhara jeena dushwar karke rahungi (I will make your life miserable).”

Earlier she additionally tweeted,  “Because even Lord Krishna forgave 99 mistakes of Sheshupala…. pehle Shanti phir Kranti (Silence must be followed by revolution)…. time to take their heads off… Jai Shri Krishna.”

And she later retweeted more tweets that claimed Saif Ali Khan, Javed Akhtar and Naseeruddin Shah’s ancestors fought with the British against Marathas and others. She made disparaging remarks about how ‘treason’ and ‘loyalty’ runs in one’s blood, calling herself a true nationalist because she belongs to the bloodline of warriors, once again.

And then again she clarified her tweet saying, “Jo libru dar ke maare mummy ki god mein ro rahe hai, woh yeh padh lein. Maine tumhara sir kaatne ke liye nahi kaha, itna toh main bhi jaanti hoon ki insects ya worms ke liye pesticide chahiye hota hai.”

Tandav makers in a contemporary assertion stated, “We have the utmost respect for the sentiments of the people of our country. We did not intend to hurt or offend the sentiments of any individual, caste, community, race, religion or religious beliefs or insult or outrage any institution, political party or person, living or dead.”

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