Kangana Ranaut Slams Bollywood For Violence At Farmers Protest

Kangana Ranaut, controversy’s favorite little one, who has been questioning the motives of farmers protesting in opposition to the brand new farm legal guidelines, has referred to as herself a ‘failure’ after the tractor march within the capital turned violent on Republic Day.

Besides, on Wednesday, she slammed Bollywood for allegedly hiding behind the garb of leisure and scary terrorism and violence.

The actress took to her Twitter account to denounce the farmers, and slammed folks, together with actors, for supporting them and their actions, which she says led to widespread violence.

“I did my best to avoid this but I failed…. I may be a spec in the scheme of things but my failure is enormous…. at least it feels like that …. my head hangs in shame. I could not protect the integrity of my nation. I am no one still I am everyone ..and I am a failure today,” Kangana shared, in response to a tweet criticising the ‘revolutionaries’ of Bollywood for trolling her and asking the place Diljit Dosanjh is.

While the farmers’ teams promised a peaceable protest on Republic Day, a piece of farmers deviated from the agreed-upon route, entered the Red Fort and waved flags from the ramparts.

Kangana expressed anger on the violence that erupted in Delhi on Tuesday and, in a video, referred to as for supporters of the farmers’ agitation to be jailed. She mentioned that she is ‘sick and tired of riots and bloodbath almost every month’.

When a consumer identified an account, saying: “An instagram account of bollywood PR @instantbolly with more than 6 million followers has been running their propaganda since a long time, it needs to be reported”, Kangana slammed the business.

“This is the gandagi for bollywood needs to be cleaned immediately. Slyly hiding behind the garb of entertainment and provoking terrorism and violence, put them in jail if there is even an iota of law n order left in this country these termites are eating away the bones of Bharat,” she mentioned.

Also, when one consumer mentioned, “Kangna was right, these people aren’t farmers!! This picture is a tight sIap on @diljitdosanjh, the actress responded: “This isn’t a decent slap on @diljitdosanjh face that is what he needed. He bought what he needed and this nation gave him this on a platter.”

In an earlier tweet, Kangana attacked Diljit and Priyanka Chopra, who have expressed solidarity with peacefully protesting farmers. Sharing a picture of a protester planting a flag, she asked if they were happy that the country is being mocked and laughed at by the entire world.

“You want to elucidate this @diljitdosanjh @priyankachopra. Whole world is laughing at us right now, yahi chahiye tha na tum logon ko (is not this what you needed)!!!! Congratulations,” she wrote, including an applause emoji.

In one other tweet, Kangana urged the federal government to take motion. “CAA is on maintain after a lot terror I’m certain Farmers invoice will even be pushed on again burners, we as a democracy have chosen a nationalistic authorities but antinationals are profitable. Black day for India, please implement these legal guidelines asap and make our democracy win @PMOIndia,” she wrote.

What do you think about her views?

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