International Center of Photography wants its images of epidemic

So far, the images have a border: wearing a woman Mask And blue plastic gloves. Empty The roads. a pair of dogs In a mist-filled park. Inside a desert Metro car. Hug a woman The tree. Two children with their faces pressed against one Window.

The International Center of Photography is collecting a virtual collection of images related to the coronavirus epidemic. Photographers, both professionals and otherwise, can share images on Instagram using the hashtag #ICPConcerned. Submissions are also accepted via email to [email protected] Single images, photo sequences, image-text works, video and audio presentations are all welcome.

To date, ICP Has received more than 3,000 submissions. I. C. P. The curatorial team is reviewing five. They post between three and six images per day @ICP Accounting.

The ethos for the project was inspired by the center’s founder and first director, Cornell Capa, who died in 2008. Mr. Capa coined the phrase “concerned photographer,” which “produces images in which the spirit of the real person dominates commercial anarchism or apathy. Formalism.”

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