Is It Possible That You Can Be Sent to Prison for Using Bitcoin: Find Out?

According to the Economic Times, a high-level government agency on virtual cryptocurrency has proposed that all virtual coins be banned in India. Bitcoin and Ripple, for example, are examples of cryptocurrencies that governments do not control. This report and a suggested draft law, entitled the Banning of Cryptocurrencies and Control of Official Bitcoin Exchange Bill, 2019, were presented by the panel on July 23rd, 2019. You can also register yourself on the Bitcoin Bank Breaker App, and learn more about the latest ways to trade in Bitcoin.

The move, on the other hand, did not by all surprise. Since April of last year, when the State Bank of India (RBI) prohibited the banking sector from working with bitcoins, the handwriting has been on the board regarding virtual currencies. That’s just the teaser; the study and proposed legislation have now brought this issue into sharp focus. India would join the list of nations that have outlawed bitcoins whether this application is approved,” said Nirav Maniar, a partner at Corporate Finance Advisors (IBA), accountancy, tax, and legal consulting company.

Bitcoin and other payment systems have been here for a long time, but Bitcoin is receiving a huge amount of attn than standard in 2017, primarily because the worth of certain central banks has increased sixfold since the beginning of the year, and $6.6 billion in payment systems is now sold every single day. In some ways, the development of social currencies is helping to dispel the droplet of the furor that has wanted to hang over Bitcoin and analogous central banks in recent years, which again is due largely to the mystery surrounding Bitcoin’s beginnings (its engineer stayed largely confidential for years) and the widespread the use Bitcoin in murderer purchases. Individuals and companies alike, however, are becoming more eager to understand something about digital money as its use increases. However, they are naturally concerned about its illegality.

The Use of Digital Currencies Is Not Inherently Illegal

While both companies and individuals may use Bitcoin and some other comparable monies, certain jurisdictions, including New York, impose regulatory regulations on a few parties that use these cryptocurrencies in specific circumstances. New York State needs a BitLicense for parties engaging in the following cases when they’re doing trade in New York or with individuals who live in New York, according to the government’s newly issued BitLicense rules:

  • Transmission of virtual currencies
  • Keeping, storing, or exercising guardianship or influence over virtual money in favor of someone is prohibited.
  • Purchasing and trading virtual money as a customer care company is possible.
  • As a customer-facing company, you provide digital wallets.
  • Controlling, managing, or issuing digital currency are all examples of virtual currency management.
  • According to the state, it is not necessary to acquire a permit in New York if businesses and customers are doing operations using digital money.

With Bitcoin, There Is the Possibility of Criminal Liability

The most often reported instances concerning criminal responsibility for Bitcoin and related monies in the press are those in which the cash is used for illicit activities. There have been many high-profile convictions in conjunction with an online store known as Silk Road, where illicit activities, including criminal activities for hire, unlawful erotica, and criminal activity, were made possible via Bitcoin.

The owner of a business that facilitated electronic payments pleaded guilty and was sentenced to state prison for his role in enabling the purchase of illicit narcotics on the Silk Road via Bitcoin in one instance, according to the New York Times. Meanwhile, the creator of Silk Road was given to live in jail for his part in aiding illicit dealings using Bitcoin, and information given at his trial include proof of five possible murderers for hire who he searched out “to safeguard his growing brainchild from agents.”

Bitcoin and related currencies have also played a role in criminal investigations and convictions involving false securities transactions and bribery and corruption. As a result, many of the same debt atrocities that can be perpetrated using cryptocurrency can sometimes be perpetrated using the payment system, even though, possibly oddly given the widespread appeal of digital country’s currency purported privacy, property crimes payment system is becoming simpler for police departments to start investigating in some instances.

Should any concerns arise about possible criminal responsibility connected with a planned deal or one that has previously happened, parties are strongly urged to consult with expert criminal defense lawyers about their case.

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