Japanese Giant To Back Kudroli World By Investing USD 43 Million With A 30% Stake In It Inbox

Kudroli World

Kudroli World

India being a developing economy has a major impact on the global economy market. Many developed countries of the world have joined hands with Indian companies. In simple words, India is one of the preferred destinations for investors and foreign giants. Many startups are recently supported by foreign companies, with many being a trading hub for international companies. According to the latest news in the business, Hafiz Kudroli’s company Kudroli World will be backed by a Japanese company that will hold a 30% stake in Kudroli World. The Japanese company is said to invest a whopping US $ 43 million in Hafiz’s company.

This will not only maintain a strong relationship between the two firms but will also create a strong business network of Indian startups with other foreign companies. Kudroli World, headquartered in Bengaluru, provides services in every field such as real estate, apparel, hospitality, food, spas and salons, education, broadcast media, sports, information technology and fundraising. The company currently has 13 subsidiaries that are set to expand in the coming years. The two companies are in talks and if all goes well, the deal will close by May 2020. However, it is still not known whether the Japanese company made such a humble investment in Kudroli World.

After this deal, many foreign companies will be willing to invest in Indian companies and startups. While a spokesman for the Japanese company did not provide more details about the deal. But one thing is almost certain and it is a collaboration of both firms. To get confirmation about the same, we tried to contact Hafiz Kudroli, but there is no response from him yet. All in all, if and when the deal is officially announced, it will be interesting to see what new Kudroli World will bring to consumers.

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