RRB NTPC phase 2 day 3 exam ‘moderately’ difficult, here are questions asked in exam

Written by Sandeep Baliyan

RRB NTPC phase 2 day 3 evaluation: Today was day three of the second phase of the non-technical widespread classes (NTPC) recruitment exam that began on January 16. Candidates who’ve tried the paper in each shifts reviewed it as reasonable with the maths part barely troublesome however not “too tough”.

The computer-based check was of 100 marks, normal consciousness carried 40 marks, whereas maths, normal intelligence, and reasoning carried 30 marks every.

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RRB NTPC day 3 (shift 1, 2) evaluation


The issue stage of the maths part was reasonable to troublesome however not too robust. Less variety of questions have been seen from pace, time and distance, and common. Question on revenue and loss and easy curiosity and compound curiosity have been seen.

According to the candidates, for shift 1, 23 – 25 may be anticipated as a great variety of makes an attempt. For shift-2, 22 – 25 may be the anticipated a great variety of tried questions.

General Intelligence and Reasoning

The reasoning part was the best amongst all three sections. One can count on a better variety of good tried questions. More questions have been seen from the assertion and conclusion part.


For shift-1, about 26-27 may be thought of as a secure variety of tried questions. For shift- 2, about 24-26 is anticipated to be a great variety of try.

General Awareness

No new sample was noticed in the questions of normal consciousness part. Following the sample of earlier shifts, only a few questions have been asked from the present affairs of 2020. The issue stage was reasonable.

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A great variety of makes an attempt is anticipated to be 30-32 for shift-1. In shift-2, there have been few questions asked from historical past and computer systems. Three questions have been asked from worldwide organisations, particularly the United Nations. For shift- 2, about 28-31 may be thought of as a great variety of makes an attempt.

RRB NTPC questions asked in the exam

Here are a couple of questions as shared by the candidates who’ve appeared in the RRB NTPC exam on January 18

General Awareness

1. What is the scientific research of birds known as?

Ans: ornithology

2. Hornbill Festival is well known in which state of India?

Ans: Nagaland

3. What is the primary reason for deforestation?

Ans: Agriculture

4. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao is the initiative supposed for?

Ans. To empower the females

5. Who was the primary president who was nominated after India’s independence?

Ans: Rajendra Prasad

6. Which nation launched the navy satellite tv for pc not too long ago?

Ans: Iran

7. Full type of COBOL?

Ans: Common Business Oriented Language

8. Full type of DIKSHA?

Ans: Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing

9. Which coast is parallel to Arabian sea?

Ans. Malabar Coast

10. Which was the second capital metropolis of Akbar?

Ans: Fatehpur Sikri

11. Near sightedness is termed as?

Ans: Myopia

12. Color of Blood of Octopus is?

Blue because of the presence of hemocyanin.

13. Alberuni got here to India throughout whose reign?

Ans. Muhammad of Ghazni

14. Father of Geography?

Ans. Eratosthenes

15. Sukanya Samridhi Yojana?

Ans: Savings scheme launched again in 2015 as a part of the Government initiative Beti

Bachao, Beti Padhao marketing campaign.


1. In a right-angle triangle ABC, tanA = root 3 then discover the worth of sinA.cosC +

2. If (a³ + b³)/(a³ – b³) = 185/158 then discover a/b.

3. Find the worth of sin15°.

4. Solve: 1254 + 125.4 + 12.54 + 1.254

5. Find the realm and the perimeter of an equilateral triangle whose aspect size is 4

6. If a = 1/3, b = 1/4 and c = 1/5 then discover a:b:c.

7. Find the diameter of a circle whose circumference is 8.8 m.

8. If sin? + cosec? = 2 then discover sin8? + cosec8?.

9. The sum of investments of A, B and C is Rs 33000. Total revenue earned by them is

Rs 15000. If the revenue of A & B are Rs 4500 & Rs 5500 respectively. Then discover
the funding of C.

10. Cos(75+x) – sec(15-x) + tan(55+x) – cot(35-x) = ?

11. What quantity ought to be added to 5474 in order that will probably be fully divisible by 3,
4, 6 and eight.


1. Letter sequence:
AB, CC, ED, GE,?
Ans. IF
(logic: A+2=C, C+2=E….. G+2= I and B+1= C, C+1=D….. E+1= F)

2. Number sequence:
1, 8, 27, 64, ?
Ans.125 (sequence of cubes)

3. Complete the sequence: EIM, QUV, GGK, ____?

4. HONEY = WMIRG then PATCH is ___?

5. Complete the sequence: WFT, TGD, QHF, ___? (ANS: NII)

The second phase of the NTPC exam can be concluded on January 30. The recruitment drive is being held for appointment to 35,208 vacancies

The writer is Senior Program Manager, SSC, Gradeup


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