kangana ranaut mother donate 1 month pension in pm relief fund to fight against corona virus

Bollywood celebs are giving their full contribution in the ongoing war against Corona virus. Many celebs have donated funds to help the PM Care Fund. Meanwhile, news has come that Kangana Ranaut’s mother Asha Ranaut has also contributed to win the battle against Corona. Kangna’s sister Rangoli Chandel has given information about this by tweeting.

Rangoli tweeted, ‘My mother has donated her 1 month pension. We do not know how long this lockdown will last. We have to be alive with what we have, but we can adjust a little for the nation. Thank you Narendra Modi ji for giving us a chance to contribute. ‘

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Kangana praised PM Modi …

Kangana said in an interview to India Today, ‘People who are thinking that 1 day is gone, 2 days are gone, it is not like that. The government is doing a lot for us, we have good leadership. We are being guided by a very intelligent leader, but you have to be aware. This is a personal fight. We have to think together against this. We have to be responsible not just for ourselves but for our neighbor, for our society and for the country. We have to take responsibility for the future of our country.

Kangana also said, ‘If this 21-day plan fails, it will be very harmful for us. There are many people in the society who are not following the orders of the government. Such people are helping to spread the virus by collecting. By doing this, the government’s plan may fail.

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