Kangana Ranaut terms Coronavirus crisis as a ‘potential bio-war’

Kangana Ranaut terms Coronavirus crisis as a 'potential bio war'
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Kangana Ranaut terms Coronavirus crisis as a ‘potential bio war’

Kangana Ranaut has always helped to spread awareness and with the entire country in a state of panic right now due to Coronavirus spread, Queen actress has expressed her views on the deadly crisis. The 33-year-old actress expressed her solidarity with every individual who suffers the economic impact of Coronavirus, and said that at this time of trial, she is not an actor. She also raised a concern that certain conspiracy theorists have been raising, that this could potentially be a biowarfare or a bioterrorism situation intended to bring down countries’ economies.

“We all are doing our bit and also donating for this. Our huge concern for economy has landed us all in the situation where we are with no concern for human well being. This could also be a potential bio war where countries are trying to get down each other’s economies. We have to reflect as where we have landed as people, as a nation and why are we letting our greed, our senses guide us and not our consciousness. If this lockdown goes on for 21 days we will be two years behind economically, but if it goes beyond 21 days it is going to be a disastrous situation for our nation because we are a developing one”, Kangana Ranut was quoted sa saying to Times Now

When asked about the losses she faced on the personal front with her films delayed Kangana said, “Right now we only exist as people here. I’ve stopped to see myself as an actor and like I said we should be ready for almost anything, we should be prepared to rise above individual concerns. So my films are also like everything else it’s just stuck and I don’t know where we will land it depends on when we come out of it. That is the reason I want more people to understand the seriousness of the situation. Right now individual gain or loss is not my concern.”

Kangana Ranuaut is very much in touch with her spiritual side and goes on retreats every now and then to rejuvenate herself. In a recent video shared by her team on Instagram, the actor urges Indians to embrace spirituality instead of only running after materialistic pleasures. Kangana went on to say that she meditates whenever she gets the chance to and rued that the current generation has forgotten Indian culture. “Along with living life king-size, we must also learn to be worthy of what we want,” she signed off.

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