Kangana ranaut video on ram: Kangana Ranaut shared video on Ram Navami, kept his opinion about Lord Shriram – kangana ranaut share a video on ram navami and gave her opinion about ram

On the occasion of Ramnavmi, Kangana Ranaut has shared a video about Lord Shri Ram on social media. In this video, the actress shared her opinion about Ram with the fans.

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Kangana RanautKangana Ranaut

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, known for her outspoken statements, has shared a video for her fans on the occasion of Ram Navami. In this video, he expressed his opinion about Lord Shri Ram. Along with this, he also told an anecdote related to his life.

Actress shared the video on Instagram

The caption of this video shared on Team Kangna Ranaut’s Instagram page reads, ‘Happy Ram Navami to all. Jai Shree Ram. ‘Ram ji is the most important symbol of our civilization’ Kangana Ranot is sharing some interesting information on it, don’t miss it. Watch full video here

Kangana Ranaut donated 25 lakhs

Let us tell you that Kangana Ranaut has donated Rs 25 lakhs to the PM Cares Fund. This information was given by his sister Rangoli Chandel on Twitter. Apart from its donation, Kangana Ranaut is arranging food for daily earning workers.

Kangana Ranaut’s movies

Talking about Kangana Ranaut’s workfront, she will be seen as an Airforce pilot in the film ‘Tejas’. Apart from this film, she will play the role of Spy in the film ‘Dhakad’. The actress was last seen in the film ‘Panga’.

Kangana took hormone pills to gain weight

  • Kangana took hormone pills to gain weight

    Kangana said that her character was in demand that her body should be full. But due to being tall and thin, her stomach and thighs did not have fat, for which Kangana gained 6 kg. Mild doses of hormones also had to be taken to look different. Apart from this, he also increased his diet and started eating more. Also read: In old age, make distance with these 5 things, will remain healthy and cool throughout life

  • May cause allergic reactions

    A substance is found in the hormonal pills which can cause allergy to any woman. In such a situation, it should never be taken without asking the doctor. Apart from this, if a woman is already taking medicines for any other disease, then the hormonal pills should not be taken without doctor’s advice.

  • Hormones present in the body become disturbed

    Contraceptive pills, which are contraceptive pills, introduce hormones into the body, which disturb the hormones already present in the body. Periods in this case become irregular. Some women also experience vomiting, dizziness, headaches after taking birth control pills. Also, weight gain, mood swings and breast tenderness can also be a problem. Also read: No cup of coffee for instant energy, stairs will help you

  • Brain function can affect

    One research found that women who were consuming contraceptive pills showed a significant difference in hypothalamus volume of their brains compared to women who were not taking the pill. The hypothalamus is the part of the brain that controls sex drive. Along with sleep cycle, mood swings and appetite. Dr Lipton, the study’s lead author and professor of radiology, said, “Early studies show that birth control pills affect brain function, but more investigation needs to be done.” So fit and young, know what is Shahid Kapoor’s fitness secret

  • Natural way to gain weight

    The hormonal pills should always be taken under the advice and supervision of the doctor. However, if you want to gain weight in a healthy way, then eat foods. In this way, include meat, egg, chicken, lentils, cereals and other dairy products in your diet. You can gain weight by eating healthy fat.

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