10 Things to Do After a Car Accident

The number of road accidents are increasing every year, causing multiple detrimental physical and automobile damages. The scene after an accident is quite chaotic and one might not even be conscious enough to do the most important things that are supposed to be done after a car accident.

However, if you are not unconscious, protect your property and citizen rights. An accident does not have to be a major one in order to be reported to the police, injury lawyer, and an insurance company. It is rather difficult to keep in mind all the things one is supposed to do after an accident on the road. But you can train your mind to be ready if any such incident occurs and take note of certain things that would help you with certain legal and medical procedures.

Here are 10 things you should definitely do after surviving a road accident:

Call the Police

No matter if the accident you just had was a minor or major one, calling the police is always better in order to prevent any complications later. Even if your accident is minor enough to let go, it is better to call the police to let them have a potential record of an accident. This might be helpful in the future as well. Not calling the police at the accident scene immediately after an accident sometimes proves to be a big fault. Once the police have arrived at the scene, make sure you narrate the incident just like the way it happened with the consultation of your lawyer.

Note Your Injuries

Examine yourself completely after an accident. See thoroughly if you have got any injuries. Look for everything, from minor scratches to deep wounds. Also notice if you feel any pain, stiffness, or anything unusual at all. Accident injuries, if not evident instantly after the accident, begin to be visible after several hours.

Help the Defendant if Needed

Even if the accident was purely the fault of the defendant, it is your duty as an empathetic human to save him/her from the next possible injuries. If you manage to get on your feet after a severe accident, see if the defendant is still stuck in his vehicle. Help him/her in every way you can. Nothing is more valuable than life. Your legal affairs can be taken care of later. Do not let your rage overcome humanity and step forward to help the defendant in any way you can. Call an ambulance if needed.

Guard the Evidence

In case of serious car accidents, the whole accident site is sensitive. If you are not badly injured, keep an eye on the vehicles and belongings that have been damaged in the accident. Make sure that no person interferes and tries to move or steal any evidence. Do not allow anyone and even your own self to relocate or touch anything within the accident zone before the police arrive.

Do Not Forget that You Have a Camera

If the police do not arrive immediately after the incident, it is your responsibility to take pictures of the damage inflicted on your vehicle. These pictures might be helpful as proof in filing your case to the police and to the insurance company as well. Also, if the automobiles involved in the accident interfere with the traffic and need to be moved, taking pictures of minute details and of the overall scene might prove significant to support your case.

Call Your Attorney

It is best to have an attorney whom you could inform immediately after getting involved in an accident. If you do not have a lawyer already, contact any friend whom you suppose would assist you in getting one straight away. Injury attorneys always guide you to make your statement and plan your case in order to avoid any complications. Lawyers ensure that you are not deprived of your rights and make the best efforts to get you compensation for your loss. It is, thus, indispensable to stay true to your lawyer.

Do not lie about any situation, even if you think that can trouble you later. Your lawyer knows the best about the legal procedures and he is the one who is supposed to make your case strong within the legal boundaries. Let him know about your past accidents as well. Concealing the proof or lying about any situation can also be unfavorable for you to get the benefit of your insurance. Insurance companies have a diverse dealing network and if something hidden by your side reveals to them, it can lead to the cancellation of your insurance.

Do Not Forget the Witness

Talk to any witnesses nearby and collect information from him/her as well. Sometimes, a witness can report better what actually happened and you, being a part of an accident, can miss out on any detail. Call the witness out when the police take the statement so that a third-person narrative is also involved in the process of reporting the incident.

Seek Medical Assistance

Injuries like wounds and cuts need instant medical care. Call an ambulance if you are unable to reach the hospital on your own and get the required treatment. If you do not feel any self-detectable injury right after the accident, it is still better to seek medical assistance to check up for any possible muscle strain, internal injury, swelling, or redness. These signs become apparent after a few hours or a day or two after the accident. The medical check will be beneficial in treating such vague injuries without getting delayed.

Check Up on Your Insurance

Keeping a record and proof of your accident is also helpful in making rightful use of your insurance. Both health insurance and automobile insurance companies need to be called on time so they can cooperate within time. Many insurance policies require immediate reporting of the incident in order to be facilitated by the insurance. So, make sure you manage your insurance claims right in time!

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