104-year-old WWII veteran recovers from coronavirus, celebrates birthday with family

104-year-old WWII elderly recover from coronovirus, celebrating birthday with family

new Delhi : As the world is getting shocking news of people dying every day due to coronovirus, this man has brought back hope in troubled times. A 104-year-old United States World War 2 veteran recovered from Coronavirus just in time to celebrate his birthday with his family on 1 April.

The man, identified as William “Bill” Lappschis, received coronovirus a few weeks ago and is now fully recovered from the disease. In World War II, he was stationed in the Aleutian Islands.

Media reports claimed that he contracted the virus on March 5 at the home of an Oregon veteran where 15 other residents tested positive. He was kept in isolation in his room, and this week he tested negative for coronovirus.

According to CBS News, doctors told his family members that he could not make, but he made a miraculous recovery for a man his age. William’s son-in-law called him “very flexible”.

In fact, his family gave him a surprise birthday party on his 104th birthday on 1 April. To keep things safe, social distance was maintained during ceremonies.

“This is not at all how his family wanted to celebrate,” his daughter Carollee Brown told KON, “We celebrated our 101 and had over 200 people celebrate,” she said. “But we are so thrilled that he has overcome it and we just have to do something for him.”

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