Circus on the verge of extinction due to coronavirus spread

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The lockdown due to coronavirus affected everybody’s livelihood considerably. The lockdown has adversely affected the future of circuses as there is no such thing as a viewers for the exhibits. Many circus operators do not even have money to recharge their telephones.

Clowns, who convey smiles to many individuals, animals like lions, tigers and elephants who carry out on the instructions of ring masters, bikes working in the nicely of loss of life, stunning ladies performing stunts and so on may not be seen anymore which implies the circus would possibly change into a historical past for the subsequent technology.

Anil Kumar, supervisor of Asiad Circus, informed IANS, “Our circus has been closed since March 13. Some of the people working have gone back to their homes while some are still living in the camp but they are working as daily wage labourers. They sleep here after coming back from their work.”

“The situation was already bad for us, but the pandemic spread has made it worst. Earlier, we hardly managed to earn bread and butter but now we don’t even have money to recharge our phones,” he mentioned.

There used to be round 150-200 circuses in the nation however due to the restrictions imposed due to coronavirus, they’re on the verge of closure. Some of the circuses closed down due to growing price whereas the remaining are closing down due to varied restrictions imposed by the authorities.

Though there’s a circus affiliation in the capital however due to lack of members additionally it is not lively.

According to circus operators, round 10 to 15 circus closed down due to coronvirus whereas the remaining are struggling. According to Kumar, circus is now not a worthwhile enterprise and if the authorities doesn’t concentrate, quickly it would simply be on papers.

However, the progress of multimedia has additionally affected the circus enterprise as now youngsters have rather a lot of choices for his or her leisure.

Rambo Circus, one of India’s hottest and oldest circus, has been badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. In order to present monetary help to the members of this circus, it has began digital exhibits.

Rajesh Shah, a resident of Boroda, runs a consultancy which helps the circus firms. Shah mentioned, “Out of 20 big circus across the country, only 10 big are existing now. All the artists have gone back to their hometowns because of Covid.”

“It will be very difficult to get these artists back as they are very hardworking and they will find some other work for themselves.”

The Great Bombay Circus, which began from Mumbai in 1920, accomplished 100 years this 12 months and witnessed an incredible success however presently its situation is unhealthy. Two brothers run this circus.

Sanjeev, the proprietor of the Great Bombay Circus, mentioned, “150 members of the circus have gone back to their homes because of no work in the past seven years. Everyday cost of running a circus is around Rs 1 lakh. A lot of circus companies have closed down in the last two years. We even had to borrow money from relatives due to financial problems.”

“There is an association, the Indian Circus Federation, but it is also not active now because there are no active members. More circus companies will close down in the future,” he mentioned.

“The government will have to help our industry financially. Nobody thought that this disease will bother for so long. While showing online circus is not feasible for a long time, because a whole family will watch the circus on one ticket which will result in huge loss for us in the future,” Sanjeev added

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