Debina opens up on depression, anxiety & stress

In a recent video on her YouTube channel, actress Debina Bonnerjee has described details of the anxiety attacks, depression, and stress she has been experiencing since the start of the lockdown. Debina started the video by acknowledging that she is in a better and privileged position than most people. “I live in a nice house with a big balcony, I have earned enough not to stress about work, I am surrounded by the closest people in my life. So, if someone can experience my kind of comfort and privilege, I can understand that so many people, who are experiencing the same situation, must pass. ”

Debina says that as an actor she is well versed in hiding her feelings and even though she did talk to her friends about what she wanted to say. For a month she felt strange, unwell, and could not find strange thoughts in her mind. Meditation gave her the courage to talk to her family, who took immediate action and connected her to a medical professional. The actress says, “It’s all in our minds because we are in lockdown and unable to get out of the house, our mind is playing games with us to make us feel uncomfortable.”

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