Fashion Design Council of India sets up COVID-19 support fund

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Fashion Design Council of India set up COVID-19 Support Fund

The Fashion Design Council of India has launched an aid fund to provide financial assistance to small businesses and young designers amid the coronavirus epidemic.

The COVID-19 Assistance Fund is an initiative by the Council to assist individuals and craftsmen, among others, in these difficult times.

“… Unfortunately, not everyone is left with enough reserves to go through this period of crisis. Small businesses (with tremendous potential) are run like a one-man army; one person is a team of artisans. Cares, playing. The role of a producer, sales person, accountant, fostering and providing for your little family and bursting with ideas. Not many of them are in a position Not (or have the luxury of time) to ask for support to process formal paper-processes. Banks / financial institutions.

“We, as a fraternity, are due to each of our designers; their passion is our driving power and with a little support we can give them some strength to spring back on their feet sooner than later , ”Sunil Sethi, FDCI president said in a statement on the council’s official website.

Textiles Minister Smriti Irani thanked FDCI for this initiative.

“The Indian fashion industry is the pride of the Indian textile industry. Today those who weave dreams on a fabric are weaving together with a support group. Acknowledgment from the Fashion Design Council of India, led by Sunil Sethi. COVID-19 Fund.

“I hope that the fund that will help us through these challenging times with the help of designers, design houses and other organizations associated with them,” Irani said in a video message.

“My faith is together and we will face all these challenges. As Textiles Minister, I can only say that you will stand us shoulder to shoulder through our challenges so that we can work together. Solutions. , “The minister said.

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