Happy Valentine Week: Rose Day, Florists Do Business Worth Rs 35 Lakh In Agra

All Credits To The Head Over Heels Lovers In The Taj City The Prices Of The Roses Peaked Twice Or Thrice Its Price On Other Days.

As the world celebrated the first day of the Valentine’s week with Rose Day 2020, Agra florists had a great day at work selling roses worth Rs 35 lakh in a single day.  All credits to the head over heels lovers in the Taj city the prices of the roses peaked twice or thrice its price on other days.

On Rose Day, red rose were sold in Agra at a price range of Rs 20 to Rs 30, while white and yellow were sold for 40 instead of 25.

According to a report by Amar Ujala, Hari Shankar, a florist in Agra has sold 1.25 lakh flowers (estimated at 200 flowers per kg from Sikandra and Balkeshwar Mandi. Out of these, around one lakh is estimated to be sold.

Rose Day falling on a Friday helped many lovebirds celebrate the day with flowers and gifts as a token of love. From zoo to parks and coffee shops to restaurants, city hotspots were decorated with shades of love ‘red’. People thronged florists in every nook and corner in the city to buy flowers especially roses for their beloved.

Red and white roses are sold at a steeper price that yellow or pink ones. A bouquet of flowers are also priced all times high. Florists apart, people across the city were spotted at gift shops and confectionaries. Perfume, watches, greeting cards are also top choices.

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