Has the pandemic changed the dating recreation?

As we inch in the direction of 2022 one can relate to being on the cusp of two timelines – one the place social distancing was crucial and the different the place socializing is again to regular. With the post-pandemic world getting on its foot, rather a lot has changed; not like Thanos’ post-snap world from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however issues have changed. But has it altered the dating recreation in any respect?

Grab the second

Aili Seghetti, a dating coach from Mumbai, believes the lockdown has made individuals extra adventurous. “Since the thought of uncertainty and death has crept in, it has pushed people to be adventurous and grab the moment. I get a lot of girls who are open to going out on dates which was not the case earlier,” she provides. Samarpita Samaddar, India Communications Director, Bumble shares, “The time spent in lockdowns has allowed people to focus on what they are truly looking for while dating, giving them a renewed sense of clarity and confidence in taking control of their dating lives as they meet new people.” Samaddar additionally shares stats, and provides, “74% of single Indians surveyed feel there is a decline in negative behaviour in dating such as ghosting, breadcrumbing, catfishing, among others.”


The lockdown additionally gave a variety of time for people to do some self-introspection. “Post pandemic people are more vocal of being bi-curious now. I get a lot of enquiries about it,” says Seghetti, additional including, “Also, sales for sex toys have increased a lot since lockdown left individuals with not many options.” In a metropolis like Pune which has a majority of its crowd comprising college students, the lockdown has bought some pivotal adjustments. “Due to the lockdown students had to move to their home town which led to couples being in a long-distance relationship. I’ve several friends who opted for an open relationship arrangement, something they would have never even thought of getting into. Also, three-ways and swinging is quite a hit nowadays,” says Kabir Khurana who’s an RJ in Pune.



While for different {couples}, the post-pandemic world has launched them to the idea of staycation. Jyoti Pandey, a PR skilled, bought hitched simply earlier than the lockdown. “We had to explore other options. Since it was also dangerous to party with random strangers in a club, we started doing staycation often. Mostly it’s me and my husband or a bunch of our friends who go for weekend getaways. And now we are hooked to it, as it’s safe and more comfortable,” Pandey shares.


For singles, the post-pandemic dating world is usually a little daunting. “We are now dependent on dating apps,” says Dr Rutuj Mali who usually shuttles between Mumbai – Pune. “Earlier one could go out and meet women organically, however, in my experience; the confidence has taken a hit. We were so comfortable being behind the screens, that now I get scared to even say a ‘Hello’ to a random girl,” he provides. Dating coach Pratik Jain feels, “The ones who were socially anxious are more anxious now. However, the bigger question is, has the pandemic changed the world? I don’t think so. It may have brought a few minute changes but nothing drastic.” The consciousness is simply not restricted to oneself. Daters are extra conscious when it comes to understanding poisonous relationships and acutely aware of the virus. According to a research executed by Bumble, 38% of daters surveyed wouldn’t go on a date or have intercourse with somebody who hasn’t obtained the COVID vaccine.

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