How to make the living room more elegant with Japandi style

Many people want to transform their living room and to make it more stylish, peaceful and elegant – well, Japandi style is definitely the answer. This style is one of the most popular interior design styles in Japan, and it has been popping up all over Europe as well. It’s a great way to add some elegance and sophistication to any home without breaking the bank. In this blog post, we will discuss how Japanese design can help create an elegant space that will be perfect for unwinding after a long work day and definitely saves cleaning time.

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Create an inviting atmosphere by using warm colors

Japandi style is all about minimalism with a touch of elegance. On the other hand, something too modern or cold is not a good idea, because it can make the living room feel empty, instead of elegant. Create an inviting atmosphere by using warm colors like browns, tans, creams and yellows paired together. This will create a more comfortable environment perfect for relaxation, while enjoying some good company over dinner or drinks.

A white paint with yellow undertones is also a great idea for a living room, because it gives it warmth. This warm color will make the room feel more inviting and comfortable, rather than stark or cold. If the furniture in the living room is dark, this is particularly important, as darker colors absorb light instead of reflecting them like lighter ones do.

However, light colors are not the only ones that suit Japandi. Other warm colors can definitely be used to add a cozy feeling in the living room. A single shade of burgundy red on the wall makes for an ideal accent color that brightens up any space without being too overpowering. And for a more muted yet equally luxurious look, deep taupes and browns with hints of gold throughout the decor.

Remove the clutter

The first step to making the living room more elegant is to remove the clutter. No one actually needs a lot of stuff, and the items that are there to stay have to serve a purpose in the space rather than just sitting there, taking up valuable floor and counter space. Also, each item has to have its place or at least can fit into an area as if it belongs there. All of this will help keep things looking clean and organized without being overwhelming for guests when they come over.

All lights to be replaced with dimmer switches

Dimmer switches can help control the level of lighting, so that it is not too bright nor too dark in the living room. This will bring the Japandi style into life and make any living room feel more comfortable to stay in, while promoting relaxation and tranquility at once.

A Japanese paper lanterns are perfect for the living room

Hanging paper lanterns is a great way to jazz up the space and add some color. They look beautiful in the dark, so the lights must be dimmed when hanging them. Japanese paper lanterns are minimal yet elegant. They can be used as lighting accents, or to set a mood and highlight a picture on the wall, for example. There are so many different styles of this traditional craft that it’s not going to be a problem finding one to fit any living room décor style perfectly. For even more of an impact, hanging multiple lanterns together above one area will create a beautiful and dramatic effect.

A large mirror on one of the walls will contribute to more light and space in the room

Japandi style is all about minimalism and cleanliness. It’s important to consider the amount of light that enters the room when decorating in Japandi style. A large mirror will not only reflect more natural sunlight, but it’ll also make the space feel larger than it really is.

Plants around the room create a calm atmosphere

The living room will instantly feel more elegant and inviting with the addition of plants. They not only add color to an otherwise bland space, but also bring in some freshness and even help with humidity levels, if the home is located somewhere dry. They can be placed in different parts of a room, but adding some near windows is always a good idea, because they help to keep things clean by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air, while releasing oxygen back into it.

The style of Japandi is a great way to change up the living room and make it more stylish. Although this style may seem complicated at first glance, there are many simple ways that elements can be incorporated from this unique trend into any home decor. With just some small changes, like adding new pillows or wall art pieces in different colors, a fresh accent can be added without having to spend too much money on expensive furniture or decorations and the room will look beautiful.

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