Indigo passenger who travelled in Bengaluru flight tests positive

A passenger boarded Indigo flight from Bangalore to Madurai on Wednesday has tested positive for coronavirus during a mandatory test at the quarantine facility in Madurai. This is the fourth such case after the resumption of domestic operations on 25 May.

According to the airlines, the infected passenger took all precautionary measures including face masks, face shields and gloves like other passengers aboard the aircraft.

“All our aircraft are regularly consecrated as a standard operating procedure and aircraft operating this flight were also immediately disinfected according to protocol. An Indigo spokesperson said that the operating crew has been out of the house for 14 days and we are in the process of informing other passengers as per government guidelines to ensure the safety of our passengers and staff.

On 25 May, two passengers traveling (the first day of flight start after two months) were found to be infected with the virus. These passengers traveled from Ahmedabad to Guwahati on SpiceJet flight SG8152.

“Covid-19 tests were conducted in Guwahati after landing and the passengers were released. The test reports came out on 27 May. The operating crew has been separated and SpiceJet has coordinated with government agencies in informing other passengers who traveled with them, ”the airline said.

Another passenger who flew Delhi-Ludhiana Air India on 26 May also tested positive for Covid-19. As a result, the national carrier had to leave 36 passengers and four crew members in Punjab.

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