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SiddhaanthVir Surryavanshi has been a popular face with a massive fan following.We’ve seen him donning several looks for several popular serials. For Zee TV’s upcoming fiction show, KyunRishton Mein KattiBatti, the actor wanted to have a slightly different look.

Playing a dashing, jet-setting businessman, he had to look a certain way and the makers experimented with several looks with the actor before arriving on one!

To be the hot and happening Kuldeep, as they had envisioned, Siddhaanth had to reinvent his fitness regime. The actor revealed, “You know, there is this notion that all the fathers on TV shows look a certain way. But who says dads can’t look sexy? So, to break this mindset, we finalised on a ripped look and I knew there was a lot of hard work in store for me, especially post my shoulder surgery. I worked out regularly for six months, not missing even a single session. Having three different trainers allowed me to focus on all the aspects of my body and they helped me tone down and get into the shape that we envisioned for Kuldeep.”

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