Move over from #PillowChallenge, ‘#ShoppingBagChallenge’ is the latest viral trend

Social media is a crazy place and every now and then something is going viral.

The lockdown due to the outbreak of COVID-19 has forced people to stay home and during this period, the Internet is their only area. To keep themselves busy and active, netizens come up with creative challenges during the lockdown period.

After the ‘Handstand T-shirt Challenge’, ‘Delgona Coffee’ and ‘Pillow Challenge’, one trend that is spreading like wildfire is the ‘Shopping Bag Challenge’.

Under the ‘Shopping Bag Challenge’, all you have to do is wrap the shopping bag as a garment and access it with a stylish belt and handbag.

The challenge can also be seen with a perfect song, “I’m bored at home, I’m bored at home”. The challenge, which started on Instagram, is now covered on Twitter as well. While some shared photos of their daily work in shopping bags, some chose to go for a more glamorous avatar.

Here are some entries that caught our attention …

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