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The ongoing lockdown due to the coronavirus epidemic has transformed us into culinary enthusiasts and some have begun to enjoy being in the kitchen. And Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the spiritual leader of the lockdown, started the challenge of cooking for men.

He posted on Twitter, “How about #WomenOnStrike on Monday? #LetMenCook Women can guide others at home, including children cooking. In some cases, it can be harder to teach than to cook oneself but it is worth the challenge. #LockdownAdventures. “And guess what, the challenge has become an inspiration to many young men, who have started learning to cook and help in the kitchen.

John Cyril, an engineering student from a college in Pune (Maharashtra) who is in quarantine back home from Delhi, says, “I love cooking, but with a busy college schedule, it was very difficult to keep up.” However, I have recently stumbled upon this challenge – #Man cooks. So, I thought, why not try it. I grabbed the kitchen and started cooking for my family. I was glad that I could give my mother some rest to cook. I have also started experimenting with various dishes and some of them are very good. “

While binge watching is a favorite time for most youth on OTT platforms, the cooking challenge has led them to take a break from screen time and join cooking for home. Anirudh Arora of Ramanujan College says, ‘I have been familiar with some basic cooking skills. I found this challenge through my college friends. I am trying different cuisines, besides it gives peace of mind and relaxation. I used to spend hours watching a binge series. But now that I’m cooking, I think it’s a lot better. My mother is happy to help in the kitchen. “

Twitter is filled with users’ tweets about their cooking experience. One such Twitter user, Karthikeya Pandey, posted. “I will emerge as the next Master Chef India after this lockdown. I bet! It has become more of a kind of game for cooking something new and more delicious every day. #LetMenCook. “

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