Stop Procrastination Help – 13 Tips For How To Overcome & Avoid Chronic Procrastination

I actually dislike cleansing. Every day I create a “To Do” listing for myself, and each day this listing consists of cleansing, not as a result of there may be at all times extra cleansing to do, however as a result of I can by no means get myself to do it! I can’t let you know the final time I used to be in a position to examine that off the listing. I’ll do completely all the pieces on that listing earlier than I even take into consideration cleansing. Do you suppose I’ve a procrastination downside? I admit that I most likely do. I additionally guess that procrastination performs a job in your life as nicely.

Why Do We Procrastinate?

The first step to recover from the hurdle is to determine why we’re procrastinating. For me, there are a number of the reason why I procrastinate cleansing. For one factor, it’s boring. I additionally really feel that I by no means clear nicely sufficient. Here are a few of the widespread the reason why individuals procrastinate:

  • The process is disagreeable or boring.
  • The process is overwhelming.
  • They are disorganized.
  • They are perfectionists.
  • They are fearful.
  • They are too distracted.
  • They haven’t any accountability.
  • They lack motivation.

13 Tips On How To Overcome Procrastination

Once you perceive the the reason why you’re procrastinating doing a specific process or making an vital choice, you can begin to deal with the procrastination itself. Here are 13 tips about how one can battle procrastination:

For Tasks That Are Unpleasant and Boring:

1. Put It On Your Calendar – When there’s something I don’t need to do, I block off time on my calendar to do it. When there’s a choice to be made that’s disagreeable to make, I put a deadline on my calendar. I’ve an previous coworker who used to snigger at me as a result of I’d at all times block out time on my calendar to write project reviews. But I had to do that; in any other case, I’d proceed to procrastinate ever finishing them.

2. Make A Game Out Of It Or Distract Yourself – My grandmother at all times used to inform me to make a sport out of it once I didn’t really feel like engaged on one thing. She would inform me to see how briskly I might do it. You can even hear to music or watch TV. When I clear (if I get round to cleansing), I like to hear to 90’s hits and sing alongside.

For Tasks That Are Overwhelming:

3. Start With Small Tasks – Sometimes when you will have so much to do, it’s best to begin with the small issues and work up to the large issues, related to the concept of a debt snowball. It may be motivating to know what number of small duties you’ve accomplished and fewer daunting since there may be now much less to fear about.

4. Do The Worst Task First – Alternatively, you might do the one factor that you simply dread the worst first so as to get it out of the best way. The relaxation is all down hill from there.

For The Disorganized:

5. Create A Plan Or Schedule – One factor I actually battle with when it comes to cleansing is that I’m disorganized. I’ve no clue how usually I ought to clear or how I ought to clear. My cleansing provides are scattered all through the home. I usually waste time fascinated by what I ought to do first. However, if I had been to create a long-term schedule, I might know when the final time was that I cleaned and when to clear subsequent. I might additionally provide you with a plan on how to set up my provides to make cleansing extra environment friendly.

For The Perfectionists:

6. Think Positively – I get discouraged typically pondering that I gained’t have the opportunity to do one thing proper, and I find yourself placing it off. But simply because I can’t clear completely doesn’t imply I shouldn’t clear in any respect. It is vital to suppose positively by taking a look at what is nice, even when it’s not good.

For The Fearful:

7. Follow The “Do It Now” Philosophy – Sometimes when you’re afraid to do one thing, it’s best to do it and get it over with. If you’re fearful, procrastinating is simply going to make these fears worst. When I would like to focus on one thing vital with somebody, I strive to discuss to them straight away as a substitute of dwelling on it and changing into nervous. Otherwise, I’ll find yourself placing it off for too lengthy.

For The Distracted:

8. Reduce Distractions – My largest distraction is e-mail. For instance, once I write articles, I really shut down my e-mail as a result of, in any other case, I’d examine it each time I noticed one thing in my inbox. That is extremely inefficient. Perhaps for you, the TV is distracting. Or being in your personal house the place there are many different issues to do makes it onerous to focus. Remove your self from the distracting surroundings so as to full your duties.

For Those Who Lack Accountability:

9. Find An Accountability Partner – If nobody is at the moment holding you accountable, you want to discover somebody who will. Talk to your partner, different member of the family, or pal who you converse to usually. Tell them that you simply want their assist, and ask them to hold you in examine. Just don’t ask anybody who will procrastinate in holding you accountable!

For Those Who Lack Motivation:

10. Give Yourself Breaks – I used to do that so much once I was learning for finals in school. I’d examine for 50 minutes, which is the size of a regular class, after which give myself a ten minute break. Set a timer if you happen to should (for the time you’re working and the time you’re breaking). Also, as you understand, typically it’s simply getting began that’s tough. Once you get going, you might discover that it’s not that dangerous and also you don’t even want a break!

11. Create a Jerry Seinfeld Progress Calendar – My husband makes use of a system created by Jerry Seinfeld to hold him motivated for his varied every day duties similar to figuring out and studying. Seinfeld was giving a fellow comic recommendation that he ought to write jokes each day as a substitute of sitting down and writing them unexpectedly. He mentioned for each day that he writes, he places an X on his calendar. After just a few days, he has a series. He advised the younger comic, “Don’t break the chain.” You can strive the identical factor…don’t break the chain. You can build up some nice momentum with this technique.

12. Coffee Or Other Motivating Sweet – When I would like to sit down and work on one thing, I make myself a frozen chai. It is among the greatest connoisseur espresso recipes. Just be sure to hold it considerably wholesome!

13. Consider The Costs – Time is money, and when you’re procrastinating, you’re probably losing money or shedding out on varied alternatives. Are you getting paid to delay one thing that’s required of you? That may very well be costing your employer money in addition to your self if the potential to get a elevate or promotion is at stake.

Final Word

Conquering procrastination takes lots of self self-discipline. If you’re a procrastinator, first admit it, after which determine what’s the reason for your procrastination. Once you’ve carried out that, these 13 suggestions are positive to come in useful.

What are your tips about battling procrastination?

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