Suffering From Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms Due to Unavailability of Liquor During COVID-19 Lockdown? Here is How to Deal With Them

A nationwide lockdown has been imposed in India in order to slow down the spread of coronavirus and contain it as soon as possible. Social distancing is the term that the government is using a lot to spread awareness about it in current situation. The strict restrictions allow people to come out of their houses only when in need of essential services or goods like groceries, hospital, ATM, bank etc. Also Read – Lancashire Cricket Club Chairman David Hodgkiss Dies After Contracting Coronavirus

As liquor is not an essential item, in most of the states, it is not available. And, that is what causing problem for the addicts. Unavailability of alcohol for just 7 days have led to the heavy withdrawal symptoms in them. Well, if you always wanted to quit this bad habit but couldn’t, lockdown is the best time to do that. Those who are struggling with withdrawal symptoms can feel better with the help of some tips. Read on to know about them. Also Read – Coronavirus: Benjamin Netanyahu Tests Negative, Will Continue to Stay in Isolation

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

Excessive alcohol consumption can increase your blood sugar level. This is because alcohol converts into sugar when goes through metabolism. This makes you addicted and accustomed to too much amount of sugar. A sudden unavailability of sugar can make you feel stressful and anxious. To get rid of these withdrawal symptoms, you need to eat a good amount of fruits ad vegetables. Apart from balancing the sugar level in the body, they can keep you healthy too. Also Read – Angela Merkel Tests Negative for Coronavirus For Third Time

Drink enough water

Dehydration and nausea are amongst other alcohol withdrawal symptoms. To avoid their occurrence, you need to load up on liquids. Drink as much water as you can. Also, consume electrolyte containing drinks like coconut water, fruit juices etc. Notably, you must not opt for caffeine as it can make you super dehydrated.

Indulge in deep breathing asanas or exercise

Deep breathing exercises can clear your mind and make you feel relaxed. Practicing techniques like Ujjayi breath and Nadi Shodhan can also help you focus on important things only. When you breathe deeply, oxygen supply to your body and mind increases. This helps in boosting your mood and helping in coping up with alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

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