The One Home Maintenance Task You Should Be Doing Every Summer

With warmer weather and many people still spending more time at home than before, there has never been a better time to deal with those outdoor home maintenance projects that seem like an eternity. And while you may be eager to refinish your garden or work on getting your lawn properly sighted, there is a summer home maintenance job that you can no longer wait to complete : Cleaning your gutters.

“Cleaning your gutters and removing any debris and leaves ensures that your gutters are unblocked,” explains Kimball Strickland, Owner and president of Kimball Roofing & Repair In Salt Lake City. “Gutter blockages can lead to various roofing problems such as drainage system issues and roof leaks.”

By cleaning your gutters during the summer, Strickland says you’ll be better prepared for summer storms, which can cause water to thaw down existing leaves or dirt. She says that now dealing with this task will help you to avoid problems related to making leaf or snow in the cold months.

While you’re at it, Strickland recommends thoroughly inspecting your roof, repairing any missing or loose shingles, as well as trimming the branches of any potentially dangerous trees.

“In winter, more snow and ice add weight to these branches and can break and fall,” Strickland says. She also notes that removing branches during the early part of summer, when the vegetation is generally dry and less likely to break, is easier and may help prevent future damage. And if you want to keep your property in tip-top shape for the entire year, then it is time for these 20 home maintenance tips that everyone should know.

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