Tired of the Same Old Saree Drapes? Try These 5 Ways to Style a Ladies Saree

When it comes to fashion, we love spicing things up. Of course, there’s something about classic styles that keep pulling us back, but experimenting with fashion and trends is a great way to channel our creative side and bring freshness to our style.

That being said, donning avant-garde, bold outfits every day is not everyone’s cup of tea. So try to find the right balance between style and practicality and style their outfits in a way that makes a statement without looking too over the top.

One great way to strike the right chords is going for indo-western looks, especially with ladies sarees. While there’s no denying that sarees are magnificent in their own classic style but styling them in the same old way can be slightly boring. This is why experimenting with draping styles is a good option and can help us freshen up your current go-to look.

Here are five ways in which you can add new life to your ladies saree and make an elegant statement.

Layer a Shrug  

Layering your saree with a shrug enhances the texture of the look and makes it more interesting. A long shrug will also add length to your body making you look taller and more toned. You can also use a shrug to add colour and brightness to your look and break the monotony of the outfit.

You can go for a print-on-print look if you’re feeling extra bold or opt for a solid ladies saree under a printed shrug for a more wearable look.

Cropped Top Blouses  

Cropped top blouses were popular in the retro era and many famous actresses were seen donning these statement blouses with gorgeous ladies saris. This stunning trend has made a comeback into the fashion scene and we aren’t complaining. Cropped top blouses are great for those who wish to rock an indo-western look with saris but don’t want to look OTT.

You can make this style even more interesting by sliding the sari palla from beneath the cropped top and letting it fall on the shoulder. This would add definition and structure to the look and give any ladies saree design a more flattering silhouette.

Peplum Blouses 

The peplum is known for creating a defined, chic look that screams power and fierceness. However, when this silhouette clashes with the ever-so-soft and feminine saree, the concoction is indeed dreamy. This gives the ladies saree a perfect hourglass look and enhances the shape of your body.

You can rock peplum tops with graphic sarees for a bold, modern look.

Thick Belts

Belts can add definition and structure to all kinds of outfits. They are God-sent for people who can’t get their sarees draped properly and struggle to pleat and tuck securely. Adding a belt to your saree is also a great way to bring emphasis to your waist and cinch it in the right spots.

Thicker, clunkier belts are perfect for ladies sarees as they bring more character and visual drama to the outfit, enhancing the entire look of the saree.

There’s nothing that suits an Indian woman better than a saree. However, a little experimenting here and there never hurt anyone. So, if you, too, wish to get your hands on some brand new trendy sarees to try out these styling hacks, you can explore online retail platforms like Snapdeal to purchase sarees online. Snapdeal offers Brand Wali Quality Bazaar Wali Deal and allows you to get your hands on the best quality sarees at the most affordable prices.

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