Ultimate Hair Washing Guide as Per Your Hair Type

Hair is one of the most significant parts of anybody’s look. It enhances your personality and gives a boost to your confidence. Almost everyone has experienced that a bad hair day is just a bad day. So, what if your careless or uninformative behaviour leads to hair fall? Wouldn’t that be a much worse situation? Yes, right? That is the reason you need to know what works for your hair type. Most of the people do not know how many times they should wash their hair. And, that’s what diminishes their hair quality and leads to its decreased volume gradually. To help you with that, here we bring an ultimate hair washing guide as per your hair type. Also Read – Nargis Fakhri’s Candy Floss Hair-Unicorn Makeup Leaves Fans Wide-Eyed, Rockstar Actor Blames it on Boredom | Watch

Straight hair

Straight hair is always flattering. It never goes out of style and gives a sleek look to a person. But it has some cons too. People with straight hair often complaints about lack of volume and frequent greasiness in their hair. And, that is why it becomes important to wash straight hair every alternate day. Also Read – Neena Gupta’s Secret Hair Tip While Video Calling Friends Amid Coronavirus Lockdown Goes Viral

Wavy hair

If your hair is wavy but thick, you need to wash them twice a week. In case they are thin, you can go for hair wash thrice a week to maintain the volume and avoid weighing down the curls.

Curly hair

One of the benefits of having curly hair is that it is low maintenance. And, even though your scalp is oily, your hair won’t look greasy at all. In fact it will still give you a fresh look. So, curly hair needs to be washed once or twice a week.

Frizzy hair

People with frizzy hair should wash their hair twice or thrice a week. Also, they must not use shampoos with chemicals. Natural shampoos can be a good choice for them.

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