Venice Film Festival Will Have Many Obstacles To Cross During Coronavirus Pandemic

Now it is certain that the Cannes Film Festival will not take place this year, at least in the form we have known for decades, the focus goes to Venice, which is to be opened on September 2 on Lido Island.

Governor Luca Xia of the Veneto region of Italy (which also includes Lido) has said that the Venice Film Festival – the world’s oldest starting in 1932 and which once served as a platform for fascist propaganda – “September Will be determined in “.

“I have spoken with Benelle President Roberto Kutito about the film festival … although we won’t know all of the productions we are using to watch the film, because the film’s shooting has stopped , The festival will be as planned. ” By Xia.

Although there has been no official confirmation from the festival itself that the event will take place as scheduled, Jia’s statement is seen as a significant hurdle. Zia is part of Bayern’s board, which hosts the festival, among many other events.

Like Cannes, where there was an important saying about the festival in the city, the regional governments of Italy play a role in the health of the country.

If the Venice Film Festival goes on, it will be the first A-list event since Berlin unfolds in February, barely surviving the epidemic and the resulting lockdown and other restrictions.

Obviously, Venice, if it goes ahead, faces many obstacles. Certainly, there will be very few films this year compared to previous years. The films may or may not be ready to wait for Cannes in May 2021. Cannes scores on Venice as it goes to market. Venice has a very small market, and there is very little buying and selling here compared to Cannes, whose market is very large. The Cannes market injured its virtual version.

Of course, a lot of talent may hesitate to fly to Venice. For, whether or not coronoviruses go away, and given the uncertainty over a definitive treatment, fear of infection has left people in a theater unwilling to rub shoulders with others for the past several months. Remember the social difference! And the pomp on the red carpet!

The number of films in Venice may be reduced, with stricter disinfection being mandatory after every screening. For this, the turnover time between shows would have to be longer.

With very few films and perhaps more talent coming on Lido, the Festival may not show a strange color, even Jade. Venice as it is, attracts far less patronage than Cannes, and if it continues further, the Festival may well look dull.

One question that should actively slack festival management is postponing the event until November, by which time the world will have started breathing smoothly. Another aspect, which I think is already being considered, is offering festival films on a virtual platform in real time to accredited journalists and industry professionals. Those who hesitate to visit Venice can truly welcome it, and, which is more, the Festival will be written about as widely as before.

There is a question beyond all this. Will Italy suffer heavy losses that are in a mood to celebrate? After all, a festival is a celebration, a grand celebration.

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