What Is A Twitter Chat? 5 Reasons To Participate In A TweetChat

I remember the first time I logged in on Twitter . I was like a groundhog on the day the groundhog that appeared and saw its shadow – I was overwhelmed by the platform, confused by its purpose, and felt the immediate urge to dive back into my Facebook hideout and hibernate for another six winter weeks.

Granted, that was a long time ago, and I have since understood the benefits offered by the platform, namely Twitter’s real-time ability to interact with any other user, at any time, no anywhere, regardless of his status as a “friend” .

One of the best comparison summaries I’ve ever heard describing the difference between Facebook and Twitter is that Facebook is a platform for interacting with people you already know while Twitter is a platform for interacting with. people you don’t know. But that’s where Twitter’s double-edged sword lies: it’s an amazing resource for connecting with people all over the world, but there are so many people you can connect with (Twitter currently has more. Of 284 million monthly users who send over 500 million Tweets every day) – how the hell do you know which ones to contact?

What is a Twitter chat?

If you have a hard time figuring out who to contact, twitter chats (also called “tweet chats”) can be useful. These scheduled and modest online conversations between various Twitter account holders generally based on a specific theme or topic, for example fitness, personal finance or technology, is promoted by people interested in that theme. Its easy to combine and excel to create a Twitter network.

Usually, discussions on Twitter are held at a specific time and focus on a specific topic. However, some Twitter chats are ongoing, for example, #RunChat takes place every first and third Sunday of the month at 10 p.m. ET, and every second and fourth Sunday at 20 p.m. EST, while that others is only performed once, generally around event. For example, when you co-host the online fitness Blog Well Summit, the other founders and I set up several twitter chats during the conference end of week specifically to connect with my conference event attendees.

Role of the moderator

Twitter chat hosts generally an information stakeholders on the topic of the chat so that attendees know what the chat will be about. They also provide hashtag chat. The hashtag (#) is the form in which attendees can follow the conversation and join other chat users. For example, the All Start Ups for startups web chat uses the hashtag #AllStartUps , and the hashtag #scifichat is used for a weekly chat about science fiction and fantasy.

Follow chat

If you are interested in chatting, the most basic way to follow is to enter the designated hashtag in the Twitter search bar and hit enter; The results returned will be only those that use the searched hashtag. You can then see what other chat users are saying and add your own responses using the hashtag when tweeting.

Other than Twitter if the form is more basic to follow a chat, there are other platforms designed to facilitate the segregation of specific hashtags. For example, TweetChat allows him to enter a hashtag in your search bar on the main page, then displays all recent posts that use the hashtag. You can highlight specific users, for example the chat moderator or a person whose comments interest you the most, or block users whose comments you don’t like to see. Twubs is another similar tool that makes it easy to follow up on a chat.

You can also readily respond to specific users, retweet the comments you liked and the favorite comments you like. And best of all, TweetChat will automatically assign the designated hashtag to any Tweet that enters your system, so you don’t have to keep typing the hashtag every time you comment or reply to someone.

Understanding the chat flow

In the town hall of the cases, the moderators pre-plan an outline for the chat. The outline is often presented in a format of questions and answers, where it facilitates that the participants sit down comfortable chipping in with their answers. In other words, a moderator of a #RunChat focused on pre-workout nutrition for runners you can initiate by writing chat: “Q1: What do you usually eat before your weekly workout? #runchat “Then a participant can join in and say:” A1: I have a hard time eating before running, but I can’t wait to hear what others are eating! #runchat ”Every few minutes, the moderator posts a new Q, and participants reply with their own A.

Twitter discussions can be quick, especially if many participants are involved, not responding to all comments or comments. Get in and out when you feel comfortable participating in the way that seems appropriate. This is possible that requires a pair of for conversations that dominates the flow, but in the end, the new connections and the information that can be obtained will be worth it.

Meet a Twitter chat

An easy way to meet chats on Twitter is to simply engage in chats on friends in order to have chats that they like and suggest. This is particularly true if you are connected to online groups that adapt to your interests; those who are active online are often familiar with the Twitter landscape.

If your friends go blank, check out the following resources that offer comprehensive lists of chats, often organized by day or topic. Just be sure to search for any hashtags that you find interesting to make sure the chat is still active. Also, be sure to check out our chat from Twitter Money Crashers on

Reasons to join chat from Twitter

1. Discussed a topic that interests you

One of the most obvious reasons to join Twitter chat is to discuss and superly learn a particular topic. If you are a lover of pets, you may wish to unite with the #DogTalk chat. If you are a real estate professional and want to expand your online presence, you may wish to join the #REonline chat.

Because Twitter chats are built around a specific topic and are often further defined by a subgenre of that topic for each chat, it’s a great way to collect tips and resources that you might not find elsewhere. media. This is particularly true in rapidly changing fields like technology and healthcare, where new innovations happen almost every day.

2. Interact with experts

Twitter chats give you free, personal access to experts you may not be able to connect with in other ways. Not only are moderators typically experts in the field they are moderating, but it is common for moderators to seek out other experts (and sometimes celebrities) to help shed light on specific topics.

Think how beneficial this is: if you are trying to eat healthier, but are confused about whether to stop gluten or simply reduce calories, how good would it be to ask your questions directly to a nutritionist? You can when you join the #HealthTalk chat hosted weekly by daily health and nutrition expert Bonnie Taub-Dix.

This kind of instant access to large numbers in specific industries has only been possible with the advent of social media, and the fact that it’s free should have everyone flooding Twitter to get their own dose of personalized feedback from experts. Of course, you might only get an answer of 140 characters, but you still maintain the opportunity to connect in a way that would not otherwise be possible.

3. Network with other enthusiasts

It’s easy to feel lost in cyberspace when you tweet your thoughts out into the universe. If no one retweets or favorites your post, it may make you wonder if anyone knows you’re there.

With Twitter chats, you maintain the ability to connect directly with other people who are specifically interested in the same topics that interest you. This makes it a great way to cultivate friendships online and network with people in your industry.

Just remember: it takes a friend to make a friend. If you really appreciated the opinions of participating some about a particular topic during a Twitter chat, go ahead and follow them and let them know that you liked their perspective. If you are not willing to connect directly to the network with other people, your possibilities of connecting will be limited.

4. Get advice from various sources

The best thing about Twitter chats is that, so well there are experts and moderators involved who are willing to contribute their knowledge to the forum, anyone can participate with their advice as well. So while a blog post you find on a topic gives you the resources of a single contributor, a chat of Twitter can provide you with the resources of many contributors at once.

5. Offer your expertise

Since anyone can join and share their knowledge, you can share your knowledge too. If you’ve learned a thing or two about personal budgeting and joined a Money Crashers on Twitter chat about it, you can share your own experiences with other attendees. By positioning yourself as an “everyday expert” during chat, you are likely to gain more followers and further expand your network. Also, who doesn’t like to share their own knowledge?

6. More information on new solutions and resources

Almost everyone maintains the tendency to get stuck in their own little bubble that involves the same people, the same resources, and the same solutions. Included if you regularly search online for new information on a particular topic, Google search results may not have the latest and greatest information at the beginning of your search.

The Twitter chats allow you to stay at the forefront of an industry and broaden your horizons because many people, from so many walks of life, are involved in chats. This means that someone in another country who has found a little-known online tool could share that tool during the chat, giving participants a new formed to approach to a particular challenge. If you can get just a new bite of insider information from the chat, the benefit is well worth it.

Last word

Many people are concerned about sharing personal information when engaging on social media. If you’d rather not use your primary Twitter account when participating in Twitter chats, just create a second account. You can use a pseudonym as your username and avoid providing personal information, such as location, to make the experience more anonymous.

Have you participated in discussions on Twitter? How did the experience go?

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