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Ever since 2012, September has been World Alzheimer’s Month. This 12 months on September 21 which is World Alzheimer’s Day, the theme is ‘Let’s talk about dementia’ and a global marketing campaign is being run to elevate consciousness and challenge the stigma that surrounds the illness.

Since there may be little or no understanding of Dementia, the stigmatisation and misinformation about the illness is a worldwide downside. Hence, it is necessary to know the historical past and significance of the day and how you possibly can present help.


In seventh century BC, Greek thinker Pythagoras spoke of “a human lifespan” and known as the later years of human life as the ‘senium’. He described a interval of psychological and bodily decline with the time period senium. In the late 1500s and early 1600s Shakespeare too wrote about it in a few of his nice performs like ‘Hamlet’ and ‘King Lear’ the place the characters suffered the lack of psychological acuity in previous age.

It was solely in 1901 when a German psychiatrist Alois Alzheimer recognized the first case in a 50-12 months-previous German lady and the mind situation lastly acquired named after him. Later in 1984, Alzheimer Disease International was based and in 1994, on their tenth anniversary, they introduced the first World Alzheimer’s Day to be noticed on September 21 whereas World Alzheimer’s Month was launched in 2012.


It is necessary to elevate consciousness about this mind situation since Alzheimer’s illness impacts about 6 % of individuals aged 65 years and older however a median of two out of three individuals globally have little or no understanding of it nor of dementia, as earlier research point out. Many even take into account this illness is a traditional a part of ageing which isn’t true.

Alzheimer’s is the commonest type of dementia which impacts elements of the mind that management reminiscence, thought or judgement and language or communication that are critical sufficient to intrude with a person’s every day life. While what causes Alzheimer’s just isn’t recognized nor there may be any treatment for it however reducing blood stress, exercising and never smoking is taken into account by consultants to cut back the danger whereas medicine and therapies could briefly enhance signs of hypertension, listening to impairment, weight problems, smoking, melancholy, bodily inactivity, diabetes and social isolation.

Provide help

The 7 phases of Alzheimer’s illness are: stage 1 – no impairment, stage 2 – very delicate decline, stage 3 – delicate decline, stage 4 – average decline, stage 5 – reasonably extreme decline, stage 6 – extreme decline and stage 7 – very extreme decline. The seriousness of this illness calls for consciousness and therefore, it is essential that individuals ought to perceive and encourage openness and dialogue on dementia.

While we’d like to have healing therapy for dementia, one can assist by individualising dementia care, offering life care, help for members of the family, defending individuals affected by it with well timed care, early prognosis to enhance a affected person’s situation, dialogue, destigmatisation, placing the wants of the affected person and household first, reaching out to the dementia sufferers particularly amid lockdown, arranging for help teams’ providers and establishing a video or cellphone conferencing with care companions who can assist these affected by dementia, give you coping methods.

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