Masoom Minawala: Fashion has been synonymous to Cannes since the beginning | Fashion Trends

Masoom Minawala Mehta is busy taking Indian vogue to a world area by means of her pink carpet outings at the ongoing Cannes movie competition. The vogue blogger says she doesn’t get bothered when individuals question her presence at the competition in the capability of a vogue influencer.

For her third outing at the competition, the blogger put her greatest foot ahead, by pulling off a classy all-pink Valentino look on day 1, adopted by her ‘desi’ look in Amit Agarwal outfit on day two after which an ethereal robe for an additional outing. All clubbed along with her brimming allure and confidence.

She reveals the stress about making the proper vogue decisions is at all times hovering over her head.

“The pressure to make everything just perfect is real. But having the right team to constantly sail the direction of your boat can help you stay confident,” she says, including that she makes an additional effort to help Indian designers at the international platform.

“India has always been a hub of content- be it for designers or artists, and I cannot be more happier that this Indian art and culture is gaining eyeballs on the global platform,” shares the blogger, who received the title, Most Authentic Fashion Influencer at the World Influencers and Bloggers Awards (WIBA) 2022 held in Cannes.

There are many who question her presence at the movie competition as an influencer. But she doesn’t get irked by it now. “With time I’ve gotten used to it and I let my work do the talking. The current scenario for brands demands them to be transparent and authentic in every action they take, the global audience is demanding candidness and relatability and that is something why the creator‘s economy is scaling through,” she tells us.

For a very long time, there have been debates round the want to ditch the mapping of vogue at the Cannes movie competition, and provides extra give attention to cinema. But she doesn’t agree with the thought.

“Since the beginning of time, where there are films there has been glamour. So naturally, fashion just like films is an artistic expression. Fashion has been synonymous to Cannes since the beginning of the festival and it’s ofcourse a very important aspect of the event,” she asserts.

Now, with influencers and content material creators occurring to share the international stage alongside actors, Minawala feels it’s a comfortable time for all the influencers. “With social media’s sudden rise and networking, I feel we are lucky to be a part of the first wave of influencers who have turned tables and gotten this opportunity. There’s visibility and recognition of the art they do and I cannot be happier for the fraternity,” she concludes.

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