Melvin Louis reveals his plans to act now: I have done what I could in the field of dance

Dancer-choreographer Melvin Louis says after a interval of time “you want newer things, to challenge yourself.”

Dancer-choreographer Melvin Louis has been one of the main social media influencers in the previous few years, having collaborated with the who’s who of Bollywood on dance movies. However, he feels that it’s time for him to department out and appearing is one thing that he’s trying to discover.

“I am definitely looking at different avenues. Dance has been an integral part. I am pursuing it regularly. But I am also training my other skills like music and acting,” he tells us.

So was this determination to department out of necessity? “I think there is a side to me that I have not explored. So I would want to explore that side of creativity. But it does not stem from a necessity. After a period of time you want newer things, to challenge yourself. Now because of dance I don’t feel challenged anymore, where is my hustle? “he asks.

Louis feels that because of the advent of the digital medium, the opportunities have also expanded.

“The entire OTT game has completely changed things,” he says, including that he’s glad that he pivoted digitally manner earlier than the OTT increase hit the nation.

“I am super proud of myself for doing that early when people didn’t believe in it . At that time TV was very saturated and not everyone could crack Bollywood. So I thought of going digital and do my own thing because I knew I had something to show the world,” he provides.

The dancer says that even his journey was not with out individuals trying down upon what he did.

“People were very hesitant and even actors did not want to dance on shorter apps and formats on social media. They used to look down upon it and abstain from it for a very long time. Now I have collaborated with someone like Varun Dhawan, Tiger Shroff, but 7 years ago that would not have been possible. Now everyone want to collaborate with me,” he ends.

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