Mi Outdoor Bluetooth speaker review: Praiseworthy, despite its limitations

Portable Bluetooth speakers come and go, and we ask for more. What’s better than small speakers that we can keep in our bags and let it run loudly whenever the time is right. This concept is not new and we have seen many portable speakers illuminating their small parties. They also make a good travel companion, so they remain in demand all the time.

The Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is an entry in the sub-Rs 2,000 price range that fits not only in your budget but also on many other counts.

We used this speaker and felt that it was admirable, even if it was not complete. Here’s what we found in our review:

Design and manufacture

The speaker gives a minimal and premium look (something common in most Xiaomi products). It has a square form factor with rubber finish at the bottom and fabric coating at the top. The volume buttons are on the right and the power and play / buttons are on the left. At the bottom, there is a 3.5 mm audio jack and micro-USB charging port protected by a rubber flap. There is also a stretchable lanyard cable to hang the speaker wherever you want.

The rubber finish provides a good grip when you play bass-heavy songs and the speaker doesn’t move very much.

The speaker is IPX5 certified for water and dust resistance. What’s more, it supports voice assistant. But there is no dedicated button for voice assistant, so you have to press play / pause button twice for that job.


If you go by the look, you would expect the Mi speaker to be much louder, just like the JBL Clip 2 or the Sony SRS XB12. But, unfortunately, it is not so. A justification for this may be the price point: the Mi speaker costs only Rs 1,399, while the others are priced at or nearly double this amount. But don’t stop reading the review with just 5W output, this speaker provides clear and punchy sound. Even loud enough to fill a room. And if you plan to take it out, it won’t disappoint there either.

The bass is smooth and lasts until you go with the flow and play bass-heavy music at full blast; Just from here you start to think that this speaker has some limitations. Nevertheless, it offers one of the best sound outputs for its price.

With a 2,000mAh battery, the speaker can easily run for 10-12 hours on a full charge. It is really convenient to back-up such a long battery, given that we usually forget to charge our devices.


The Mi Bluetooth speaker is a good deal for its price. It is not for everyone, however, especially for those who are modest or very granular about sound quality. For us, we loved listening to music using a speaker and even included calls on it. This can convince most people looking for a small speaker with a decent sound quality.

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