Mitron app may make Play Store comeback, but Remove China Apps has no chance, hints Google

The Mitron app may make a comeback in the Play Store, but may not be the Remove China apps, Google indicated in a blog post on Thursday. Both apps were recently suspended from the Play Store for violating Google policies. While the Mitron app was pulled from the Google Play Store for violating its spam and minimum functionality policy, Remove China Apps was removed for violating its deceptive behavior policy.

Sameer Samat, who is the vice president for Android and Google Play, clarified the company’s actions in a blog post, saying, “We have given some guidance to this developer and once they address the problem go back to App Play Could. ” This is in reference to a “video app” that was taken down from the Play Store earlier this week. While the name of the app is not explicitly mentioned, it is clear that the app in question is the matron.

Chosen as the “homegrown” option for Tiktok, Mitron found an exact rip-off, another Android app created by a Pakistan-based developer. “We do not allow apps that only provide the same experience as other applications already on Google Play. Applications should provide value to users through the creation of unique content or services, ”states Google’s spam and minimum functionality policy.

As to delete China apps, the issue seems huge, which is probably why it is about to make a comeback soon, at least on the Google Play Store.

The summit blog post stated, “We do not allow an app that” encourages users to remove or disable a third-party app or modify device settings or features as long as it is a verifiable security Not a part of the service. “Apps are allowed to target other applications specifically, this can lead to behavior that we believe is not in the best interests of our community of developers and consumers.”

Home grown company OneTouch AppLabs launched Remove China Apps in mid-May. The app was designed to identify the country of origin of the application installed on the Android smartphone and remove them all at once. However, according to the manufacturers, intended for educational purposes, China Apps soon became a viral sensation in India due to the ongoing wave of strong anti-China sentiment flying across the country. On May 17, a few days after it went live on the Play Store, it had more than 10 lakh installs and counting.

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