Mitron app will focus on educational content; founders reveal big plans in interview

PM Narendra Modi’s catchfront ‘Mitteron’ was in the news – first for good reasons and then for bad ones. But the short video making app is going through a difficult time and heading towards quieter coasts. The founders of startup MitronTV, Shivank Aggarwal and Aneesh Khandelwal, who are also the people behind the viral and controversial app Mitron, came forward for an interview with YourStory to address the bad press with the app and plans for the future. Also shared.

With over 5 million downloads within a month, Mitron enjoyed early success – a large part of its popularity came from the anti-TicTac sentiment that was going on among Indians. But the success was short-lived as many controversies began over Mitron. Titled as a revoked version of the Pakistani app Tik Tik, the suspension of the Mitron app founder, from the Google Play Store, for suspending some of its policies and some experts for violating the app “too risky” Were in

It was reported that the entire source code of Mitron, its features and interface was purchased from a Pakistani software development company called Qboxus. Since the application was claimed to be “Made in India”, Pakistani elements did not sit very well with Indians, drawing severely.

Pakistani connection

Reacting to this, Aggarwal told IIT-Roorkee alumni your story That template for Mitron was purchased on Envato, an Australian online marketplace. “Buying a Template [for an app] Software is not new to the industry. Major e-commerce platforms and unicorns have been doing this for a long time. ”

Adding to this, Khandelwal said that they are “consulting with top security experts in the industry to ensure that all our user-facing interfaces are secure.”

Google suspended Mitron

Even though Mitron was removed from the Google Play Store for violating the “Spam and Minimum Functionality” policy, it was not something that could not be fixed. After making the necessary changes, the Matron app was pushed to the Play Store Was allowed back in where it is once again available for download.

The co-founders have big plans for the Mitron app. In addition to actively raising money to investors and hiring more people, the startup has been focused to grow beyond offering entertainment to Mitron users and deliver some educational content. The application is focused on exploiting the diverse nature of Indians to get more users on board.

“Our focus is to build a platform where you can see the true India. We want to say, Look your country (See your country) Anytime on Mitron from anywhere, ”Khandelwal told YourStory.

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