Modi governmet allows CGHS card holders to go out to buy medicines and money would be reimburse | Lockdown: Modi government will give CGHS card holders exemption to get out of the house, also money for medicines

new Delhi: The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has exempted CGHS card holders from visiting the dispensaries and centers run by the central government under the Central Government Health Scheme for taking medicines. In an order issued by the Ministry of Health on Wednesday, it was said that if the doctor has presented any medicines to the CGHS holders, then such people can go to CGHS medical store and buy medicines in the event of ending the medicines. Whatever the bill of medicines will be, the central government will return the entire money in the customer’s account.

Explain that due to the lockdown, the Central Government has taken this step to reduce the congestion at the CGHS center. In this order, CGHS card holders as well as DGHS card holders and all types of central government health ministry card holders have been placed under this exemption. The most important thing is that whatever bills for your medicines will be submitted to the same CGHS center. Where your card is registered or from where you take medicines or get a checkup. After which the central government can return the money to you through reimbursement.

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Significantly, the limit has been fixed by the central government till April 30, that is, you can go out of the house till April 30 and buy the medicine given by the doctor from the medical shop. Then later you can also claim its money. According to Health Ministry officials, this will benefit lakhs of retired employees, who regularly take medicines from CGHS centers but they are finding it difficult due to the lockdown.

Know that both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha MPs and former MPs have been kept under its ambit. These people can also take necessary medicines from outside and claim the bill of medicines in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha Secretariat.

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Officials of the Ministry of Health say that the objective is to prevent overcrowding in CGHS centers, due to which social distancing can be maintained. Keeping this most important thing in mind, this order has been issued. Especially retired employees and officers do not have to bother during the lockdown at CGHS Center for Medicines.

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