EPFO news: EPFO allows employers to register digital signatures via e-mail

Retirement fund body Employees Provident Fund Organization has made compliance much easier for employers by allowing them to use email to obtain electronic signatures when they face difficulties using digital or Aadhaar based e-sign.

“In the current scenario of a government-declared lockdown to control the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic and other disruptions, employers are unable to function normally and use their digital signature or Aadhaar-based e-sign on the EPFO ​​portal I am facing problems. ” , ”The EPFO ​​said in a statement on Wednesday.

“In view of the above situation and to make the compliance process easier, EPFO ​​has decided to accept such requests through email also,” he said.

Many important tasks like KYC verification, transfer claim verification etc. are being done online by the authorized persons of employers using their digital signature (DSC) or Aadhaar based e-signs on EPFO ​​portal. However, they require one-time approval from the regional offices.

EPFO is of the view that due to the lockdown, many employers are facing difficulties in sending the one time registration request to the regional offices in the current scenario.

Therefore, the employer can henceforth send a scanned copy of the duly signed request letter to the concerned Regional Office through mail.

EPFO said, “This facility provides more relief to employers and EPF members from the epidemic.”

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