How to Buy BTC Anonymously without a Verification Procedure?

Bitcoins are widespread in the market today. There are a lot of ways to buy and exchange bitcoins. You may do it for different purposes. Yet, there are cases when people want to stay anonymous when buying crypto. If you need to buy bitcoin instantly no verification, you may register on Switchere. It is a platform for Euro and USD transactions with digital currency.

Where can you find the information on how to buy bitcoin instantly no verification? On the website, there is a field named ‘Verification & Limits’. Here, you may see the table of the available conditions and limitations. The biggest money amount to buy bitcoin without verification is 150 Euros or 150 USD. After this sum, you should verify your profile and state your address. If the sum is more than €15000 or $17500, you should state your income source to buy bitcoins.

There is an opportunity to buy bitcoin no verification by credit or debit card. You may also get it to your online wallet. The rules of the website to buy bitcoin with credit card no verification are the same. You cannot buy cryptos for a large sum.

How to Buy BTC without Verification and Stay Anonymous When Using It?

One place to buy bitcoin without ID verification is Switchere. Yet, there are money limitations. The sum limit for one month is 150 Euros or 150 USD. The limit is added each month. If you want to buy more than 150, you should pass through a verification procedure. There may be a minor change in the limits depending on the type of transaction risk.

The buying process on Switchere is simple. You should only click on the button on the main page of the website. Then you should fill in the registration form. State your basic information in the appropriate fields.

After this, you should choose the currency you need. Decide which payment method is more interesting for you. Is it a credit or debit card? Or is it more convenient to use an online wallet? Remember that online wallets let you stay anonymous. They do not need your bank information. After the registration, you get your bitcoins to the card or wallet you wrote. All the transactions are visible in the field ‘Transactions’ on the website.

What is the right way to use bitcoins after you have bought them? If you want to stay anonymous, you may try the following techniques:

  1. Mix your bitcoins

When you do this, you break the links and other people can no longer see your address.

  1. Use Tor Browser

Tor Browser is now one of the best websites to secure privacy. How can you use it? Tor Browser is available for every user on the Internet. Before you start, you should download it to your desktop or mobile app. The settings are secure in advance. Yet, you may choose more private settings if you need. Make your entire search through the browser’s search field. You can be sure that no one will get the links.

  1. Use VPN

Which VPN is good? Make sure that your VPN is free from registration. Do not include your personal data if you want to stay secure. You can buy and exchange bitcoins using your usual browser. Yet, the VPN should be on.

If you already have BTC, you may exchange it. What should you do to exchange the crypto currency?

  1. Click on the button “Sell now” on the main page
  2. Here, you also need to choose the currency you want to exchange
  3. Then state the sum you need and where it should come

You should wait until the cryptos get confirmed by the blockchain. After this, you will receive the money in your online wallet.

  1. Look through the transactions and check the data in the “Transactions” field

Switchere worries about your security. The website provides you with safe identification operations. Yet, if you want to stay anonymous, you may refuse the procedure. It is you who decides on what option to choose and how many cryptos to buy. Yet, the website is a good platform that maintains your privacy when you register on it.

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