Pensioners can now submit life certificates at common service centres: EPFO

For the convenience of 65 lakh pensions, the Employees Provident Fund Organization has partnered with 3.65 lakh common service centers across the country to digitally present their life or life certificates near their homes. can do.

To continue to attract pensioners under EPFO ​​Employees Pension Scheme, life proof / life certificate has to be produced every year.

Apart from CSC centers, EPS pensioners can continue to accumulate life through 135 regional offices and 117 district offices and pension disbursing banks.

EPS pensioners are required to produce a life certificate at any time during the year as per their convenience and it remains valid for one year from the date of submission. Earlier, pensioners were required to submit the life month in November and its validity would expire in November every year. This caused difficulties to the pensioners and arose on a large scale

Number of complaints due to pension stagnation.

“In view of the need to bring service delivery closer to the challenging steps of EPS pensioners, especially during the challenging times of the COVID-19 epidemic, EPFO ​​has facilitated the introduction of digital life promotions for general service Has partnered with the Center (CSC), ”it said in a statement on Thursday.

According to EPFO, a multi-agency model adopted by EPFO ​​empowers EPS pensioners with the choice and autonomy to select a service delivery agency as per their convenience.

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