nafisa ali lockdown: Nafisa ali trapped in Goa due to lockdown, cancer patient actress cannot get medicine and ration – nafisa ali stuck in goa without food and medicine due to lockdown

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Nafisa aliNafisa ali

In view of increasing cases of Corona virus, a 21-day lockdown has been declared in India and people have been asked to stay at home. Due to the lockdown, there have been problems in people’s lives and people have expressed their problems. Now, Veteran actress Nafisa Ali has spoken to a media house about the problems happening during the lockdown.

Days spent eating dry things

Nafisa Ali is currently in Goa with her daughter. Please tell that she had gone from Delhi to Goa for a few days and got stuck there due to the lockdown. She told that she is barely spending the day without ration and medicines. He told, ‘Grocery shops are closed for the last six days. I am a cancer patient. I want to eat whole but for a few days I am eating only dry things. I have neither vegetables nor fruits. I am currently in Morjim and people here are going through a difficult situation. The situation is just right in Panaji.

Panaji will have to go for medicine

Nafisa Ali further said, ‘All my medicines are running out. Courier services are also not working, so cannot be sent from one place to another. So what option do I have now? I am not taking any medication at this time, which is not good for my health. He told that these medicines will not be found around there and one has to go to Panaji to get them.

Nafisa Ali’s niece had corona virus

Let us tell you that Nafisa Ali had given information on social media that her niece Dia Naidu had also become a victim of Corona virus, which returned from Switzerland. However, she has recovered now.

Nafisa Ali, who is battling cancer, posted a dance videoNafisa Ali, who is battling cancer, posted a dance videoNoted actress Nafisa Ali, who is battling cancer, shared a video on social media in which she is seen dancing and humming a song. Nafisa has recently been found suffering from primary peritoneal cancer.

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