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Northwest India has recorded the highest temperature in 122 years, nonetheless, folks can get some respite from April 2 to April 4 earlier than the temperature rises once more.

RK Jenamani, senior scientist, India Meteorological Department (IMD), whereas talking with ANI, stated, “Northwest India has contributed to the highest temperature of 30.73 degrees Celsius which is the highest in 122 years. The temperature was continuously higher and the western Himalayan region recorded heatwave conditions.”

“Along with this, Northeast India which normally gets thunderstorms did not receive much rain and because of that, Northeast India’s minimum temperature is the highest in 122 years. It was 25.20 degrees Celsius,” he stated.

Jenamani stated that India acquired an early heatwave, notably Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra.

“IMD will keep a close watch to see if this trend sustains even in April and May as a dry spell is continuing and there is no hope of rainfall too. April will be hotter for Rajasthan, Gujarat, Central India and the western Himalayan region. There won’t be any rainfall in the next ten days,” he added.

It reveals over the nation as an entire, the typical most temperature recorded in March 2022 is the ever highest with 33.10 levels Celsius in the final 122 years for the interval 1901-2022 and it has damaged the sooner ever highest of 33.09 levels Celsius which was in 2010 for the month of the March for a similar interval.

The nation averaged month-to-month imply temperatures of 26.67 levels Celsius is the second warmest since 1901 (The warmest year on report was 2010 with 26.671 levels Celsius).

The common minimal temperature was third highest at 20.24 levels Celsius (earlier report values have been first highest at 20.26 levels Celsius in 1953 and second-highest at 20.25 levels Celsius in 2010).

IMD observes that over Northwest India, throughout March 2022, the typical most temperature is highest at 30.73 levels Celsius in the final 122 years (earlier highest was in 2004 with a worth of 30.67 levels Celsius), the typical minimal temperature is the second highest with 15.26 levels Celsius (the highest is of 15.4 levels Celsius in 2010) and imply temperature is second highest with 22.99 levels Celsius (the highest in final 122 years is 23.01 levels Celsius in 2010).

Meanwhile, the imply temperature in japanese and northeastern components of Odisha was 25.20 levels Celsius which is the highest in 120 years.

“State had 96 per cent deficit in rainfall this March along with rapid dryness. Climate change and urbanization are adding to the severity of temperature,” stated Umashankar Das, Senior Scientist, IMD, Bhubaneswar.

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