Priya gets her treadmill : The Tribune India

Priya Banerjee, who will be shortly seen in Twisted 3, has purchased a treadmill as the local gymnasiums have shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The actress shares, “Well, it’s really sad but it’s not shocking as we should have seen it coming. We have really put our environment through the extremes and I guess it’s just taking a break at the moment and re-setting itself. The only precaution I believe we can all take is by staying at home, maintaining social distancing and self-isolation. That is the need of the hour and we must take this seriously.”

When asked how she is spending the quarantine period, she said, “It’s quite an experience. It’s making me restless as I’m not used to staying at home for days at a stretch even though I love being home. But this time the situation is different. I’m looking forward to do reading and watching shows and cooking.”

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