Ram Gopal Varma Joked About Coronavirus, Now Users Are Trolling

While the whole world is fighting against this virus, the filmmaker and director Ram Gopal Varma is finding it funny.

The outbreak of the corona virus is spreading rapidly around the world. Talking about India specifically, so far the figure of corona infected people has crossed two thousand, which is not a good sign. Even Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor is infected with this deadly disease virus. While the whole world is fighting against it, filmmaker and director Ram Gopal Varma is getting a joke about it.

In a recent tweet, the director claimed that his doctor has found him infected with the corona virus infection. When Ram Gopal Varma, who was always in the headlines with his statements, told his lie about this, after that the users were seen trolling him fiercely.

Within minutes of tweeting himself to be Corona positive, Ram Gopal Varma confirmed that his doctor had mocked him, and it was a April Fool’s Day prank. Apart from this, Sathya’s director was seen trying to explain through another tweet that whatever he said this joke was on him.

In his tweet, Verma said, “Anyway, I am just trying to lighten the heavy atmosphere of this terrible situation but this joke is on me and I have not insulted anyone, yet I sincerely apologize to everyone Am. “

It is noteworthy that the corona virus continues to wreak havoc all over the world. The number of infected people is also increasing continuously in India. According to the data till about 11 o’clock at night, so far 2012 people have been found infected with COVID-19 and out of these 41 people have died. 169 people are cured. Please tell here that 377 cases of Kovid 19 have been reported in the country today. Today this is the first time when Corona cases have increased so fast in the country. In Tamil Nadu alone, 110 cases have been reported in the last few hours.

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